Aung La N Sang shows solidarity to lethwei legend Too Too amid reports of anti-coup protesting arrest

Aung La N Sang shows solidarity with Too Too
Aung La N Sang shows solidarity with Too Too

Aung La N Sang has shown support for Too Too following reports that the lethwei icon has been arrested in his native Myanmar.

The ONE Championship star posted a picture alongside the Burmese star on his Instagram story after reports emerged that the 31-year-old had been incarcerated for protesting against the military coup that's been plaguing his country since 2021.

Aung La N Sang posted a picture with lethwei legend Too Too on his Instagram story
Aung La N Sang posted a picture with lethwei legend Too Too on his Instagram story

According to a tweet from The Irrawaddy:

"Boxing champion Tu Tu was arrested on Monday at his home in Magwe Region’s Minbu (Sagu) Township. Middleweight Lethwei champ Tu Tu has played an active part in anti-coup protests."

The Coup d'état began on February 1 last year, when democratically elected members of the country's ruling party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), were deposed by the Tatmadaw - Myanmar's military - which then vested power in a stratocracy.

Aung La N Sang has been consistent in his support of the Mynamar people in their struggle against the junta.

A few weeks after the military initiated the coup, 'The Burmese Python' wrote a message of support for the people of his birth country explaining that they,

“all want the same thing”, calling for a reversal of the “unlawful” coup, the release of elected leaders, and the restoration of democracy. (h/t SCMP MMA)

A common hashtag linked to the situation is #whatshappeninginmynamar - a moniker that has also been attached to the arrest of the Burmese fighter.

Global awareness has been an important facet of the struggle as key figures, including Aung La N Sang call for an end to the coup. On that note, he said,

"I kindly request the world to hear Myanmar’s voice at this hour and show their support for a peaceful and transformative resolution. We need to pave a better future for our children and all the generations to come."

Too Too could be in grave peril

The arrest of the WLC star is cause for great concern given the track record of the military in recent times, as outlined in a tweet from combat sports journalist Tom Taylor who wrote,

"If this is true, Too Too risks an extended period of detention in terrible conditions and possibly much worse. To refresh, MMA fighter Phoe Thaw was arrested for resisting the junta last year and is still being detained."

Too Too is a beloved and successful champion and his World Lethwei Championship middleweight title fight with Naimjon Tuhtaboyev was seen by fans across the world who will no doubt be hoping to see him safe and unharmed.

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