BJJ legend Gordon Ryan opens up on heartbreaking medical issues, claims antibiotics played pivotal role in upending his career

BJJ champion Gordon Ryan. Image via @gordonlovesjiujitsu on Instagram
BJJ champion Gordon Ryan [Image via @gordonlovesjiujitsu on Instagram]

Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace Gordon Ryan is best known for his incredible grappling skills and has often been referred to as the greatest to ever do it. Unfortunately, he has been unable to compete, and has no timeline for a return after being hospitalized and subsequently told his problems require surgery.

The BJJ phenom is often spoken highly of by Joe Rogan, who sings the submission expert's praises on his popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. After being called the "best ever" jiu-jitsu player by Rogan, the American was invited on the show last year, which did well to give the athlete some exposure to a wider audience.

In an eye-opening post on social media, Gordon Ryan opened up on his ongoing and heartbreaking medical issues that are damaging his career for the foreseeable future.

"Everyone posts their best. Be confident enough to post your worst... The last time I was this size, [201 lbs, 20+ lbs this week] I was 21 years old. When I got the strep in early March, my ears became so inflamed that every time I elevated my heart rate I felt my head would explode. It's been 2 months since I've been able to do any intense activity... I'm told I can't start lifting for another 3 weeks and training for roughly 2 months... Doctor prescribed antibiotics are as much a gift as they are a curse. They've saved my life a fair amount of times, yet also ruined it. Antibiotics have done my body more harm than anything else in my life."

As seen in the post above, despite going through everything he has just to function normally, 'The King' is still determined to return and reign atop the grappling world once again.

Will Gordon Ryan ever compete in the UFC?

If everything goes to plan and he recovers from his health issues, Gordon Ryan would return and aim to capture double gold in ADCC. With that said, will he ever step foot inside the UFC octagon?

According to the man himself, there are ways that could pave a path into the sport for him, though grappling looks set to be his lifelong career should he ever return to combat sports:

"My coach John [Danaher] has never been wrong on much and he seems to think that I should stick with grappling... Maybe if one of our guys wins an [ADCC] absolute and starts dominating people like I do, then I'll make the jump."

Watch Ryan's interview below (2:40):


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