Brendan Schaub and wife commit hilarious gaffe in naming newborn after 'Stranger Things' character; fans react - "The CTE is airborne"

Brendan Schaub
Image credits: @StrangerNews11 on Twitter and @joannazanellaschaub on Instagram

Former UFC star Brendan Schaub and his wife Joanna Schaub have had a rather embarrassing moment after naming their newborn after a 'Stranger Things' character.

On 22nd November, the couple welcomed their third child, a daughter, and named her Billie Isabel Schaub. Joanna Schaub took to her Instagram to make the announcement. She said:

"Billie Isabel Schaub 🩷 11-22-2023. Baby girl you came into this world on your own time. Gave mama a big scare but you’re here and you’re more perfect than I could’ve ever imagined.
"Your daddy, brothers and I love you beyond belief. Not bringing you home with me has been one of the hardest things but any day now you’ll be home with us. Happy birthday my princess 👑 your family can’t wait to have you home."

A few days after the birth of their child, Joanna Schaub was asked to open up about the inspiration behind naming their daughter Billie during an Instagram Q&A session with fans. However, she seems to have messed up while giving the reasoning for her daughter's name.

Joanna Schaub stated that she liked the character Billie from the famous TV show 'Stranger Things' and posted a picture of the character on her Instagram story as well. However, the character turned out to be Max, not Billie.

Fans have reacted to the rather hilarious moment on social media. Take a look at some of the reactions below:

"The CTE is airborne"
"She took it down lol gotta change the reasoning now"
"LMAOOOO this family is a gift that keeps on giving"
Fan reactions
Fan reactions

Brendan Schaub suggests Georges St-Pierre might return for UFC 300

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the fight card that will be built for the historic UFC 300 pay-per-view next year. While nothing looks set at the moment, Brendan Schaub recently offered his prediction about the same.

During episode 362 of The Schaub Show, Brendan Schaub predicted that along with a bout between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler, we might end up seeing Georges St-Pierre take on Nick Diaz. He said:

"I think UFC 300, you're gonna get Conor-Chandler and you're gonna get GSP-Nick Diaz. Here's my only assumption with that, if you notice lately GSP's posted a hell of a lot more. When guys retire, they're usually not that active on social media.
"They're sure not posting training or anything. Look at GSP's social media, he's posting way more content. He's in phenomenal shape. He was supposed to grapple on December 15th."

Check out Brendan Schaub's UFC 300 prediction below:


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