"Comes down to his diet" - Sean O'Malley believes Andrew Tate's bizarre diet leads to his powerful messages

Sean O
Sean O'Malley [left] Andrew Tate [right] [Images courtesy: @SugaSeanMMA and @Cobratate (Twitter)]

Sean O'Malley loves hearing Andrew Tate talk. The No.2-ranked bantamweight contender and title challenger to Aljamain Sterling has, on numerous occasions, spoken highly of the controversial kickboxer-turned-media influencer. The two personalities even met at last year's Abu Dhabi event i.e., UFC 280, where 'Cobra' appeared on O'Malley's podcast.

In the latest episode of The BrOmalley Show, 'Sugar' was ecstatic to talk about Andrew Tate and his return to the Emergency Meeting podcast. O'Malley associated Tate's "powerful messaging" and his thought process with his diet.

Here's what Sean O'Malley said:

"He [Tate] has a good message. And when he talks, there's thought put behind it. He's very f*****g smart, and he's powerful in his words. And I think, it probably comes down to his diet; he has three cigars a day, three ribeyes [and] 15 coffees [everyday]."

Skip to 22:24 for O'Malley on Andrew Tate's diet:


Sean O'Malley is all set to fight for the bantamweight title against Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292 on August 19th at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. This will be O'Malley's first attempt at winning a title, while 'Funkmaster' will be defending his title for the fourth time.

Meanwhile, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate have been indicted on charges of human trafficking, sexual assault, and forming a criminal organization in Romania. The brothers are awaiting trial as the case is being overlooked by a judge. Currently under house arrest, the Tate brothers could face up to 20 years in prison on the aforementioned charges.

"I felt like a cr*ckhead" - Sean O'Malley on consuming four scoops of espresso

'Sugar' and his brother Daniel O'Malley were quite alarmed at Andrew Tate consuming 15 cups of coffee per day as part of his diet. Speaking on his own experience, O'Malley said how wired he felt when he consumed just four scoops of espresso.

Here's what the bantamweight title contender said:

"For sparring last Saturday, I had four scoops [of espresso], I usually have two. I felt like a cr*ckhead. Bro, my heart - holy f**k, dude, I was scared. I was sweating, I was like, 'Oh God, am I going to die'. And I did two minutes of the cold plunge. If you do two minutes and you're really, really high on weed or really, really high on caffeine; it's a weird sensation being that cold."

Both brothers agreed that caffeine is a performance-enhancing substance, with Daniel O'Malley touching upon how it was banned at the Olympics at one point. Agreeing with his brother's claim, Sean O'Malley said:

"[I agree] 100%. Bro, caffeine changes your mind, changes your mood, it changes everything. Dude, you hit some caffeine before you head to the f*****g wh*rehouse, you could f*****g do some serious damage."

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