Did Bobby Green change his name to 'King'? UFC star ready to run through LeBron James to stake claim to the moniker  

LeBron James and Bobby Green [Image credits: Getty Images and @bobbykinggreen on Instagram]
LeBron James and Bobby Green [Image credits: Getty Images and @bobbykinggreen on Instagram]

Bobby Green is among the UFC's longest-serving lightweight contenders and has fought in the octagon over 20 times since his debut in February 2013. In the build-up to his fight against Jared Gordon at UFC Vegas 71, he revealed that he would be renaming himself and would adopt his moniker 'King' as his legal name.

He explained that while he attempted to change his name on several occasions, he was thwarted by the law due to his outstanding debts. However, he revealed that all those issues were a thing of the past, and he could now rename himself 'King' without a last name.

While the fight against Grant Dawson resulted in an impressive first-round knockout for 'King', it seems Bobby Green still goes by his original name. Considering that there are no changes to his official social media handles and his official UFC fighter page, perhaps it's safe to assume the 37-year-old is still legally named 'Bobby Green.'

While Green may not have gone through with the legal process of changing his name to 'King,' he's serious about keeping his moniker for himself.

Bobby Green promises to beat up LeBron James for the 'King' moniker

It seems Bobby Green knows there can only be one 'King' in the sporting world and is ready to rough up NBA superstar LeBron James to be the only one to use that nickname.

The Los Angeles Lakers star is undoubtedly among the most famous athletes in the world and is popularly called 'King James' by the fans. However, it seems Green isn't happy about having to share the royal monicker.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Bobby Green expressed his confidence about being able to beat the 6-foot-9, 250-pound power forward in a fight and said:

"There can only be one king. Let's go find out. The other one's gonna get his head cut off!... If LeBron wanted to fight with me, it wouldn’t be close... He’s a big dude, but he doesn’t have the skills I’m sorry. Skills pay the bills, sir... In a heartbeat, without even thinking about it. Hell yeah. I'll wax his ass! (h/t tmz.com)

Green is slated to face Jalin Turner at UFC Austin this weekend. He was originally scheduled to fight Dan Hooker. However, Hooker had to withdraw from the fight due to an arm injury and later underwent surgery for the same.

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