Drake on Nate Diaz: When the rapper compared himself to a UFC legend

Nate Diaz (left); Drake (right) with Conor McGregor at the UFC 229 weigh-ins
Nate Diaz (left); Drake (right) with Conor McGregor at the UFC 229 weigh-ins

Entertainment mogul Drake once set the combat sports world abuzz by comparing himself to UFC legend Nate Diaz.

Drake, Pusha T, and Nate Diaz

Drake is a songwriter, singer, rapper, actor, and entrepreneur, a person of many talents. Drake also happens to be a fan of combat sports.

Among Drake’s favorite fighters are MMA legends like Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz. Intriguingly, in December 2019, Drake had compared himself to Nate Diaz. Drake was involved in a feud with fellow rapper Pusha T, mainly in 2018. Both rappers went all out in attacking one another with diss tracks.

During this feud, Pusha T rapped about Drake’s secret love child, besides taking several other personal shots at Drake. Furthermore, Pusha T’s track ‘The Story of Adidon’ contained notes about Drake’s close friend who has multiple sclerosis.

It also featured images of Drake in black face. At the time, the consensus in the hip hop community was that Pusha T had won their feud after this vicious diss track.

Drake and Nate Diaz are great despite their losses

Drake subsequently spoke to Rap Radar and accepted his loss to Pusha T. Drake suggested, however, that wins and losses are a part of any sport. Drake asserted that rap is a sport, compared rapping to combat sports and himself to UFC legend Nate Diaz.

Drake explained that Nate Diaz has several wins and losses on his record, but his losses don’t change the fact that he’s a fantastic fighter. Drake stated:

“Like I said: This is a sport at the end of the day. And you know from a very early point, I’ve never shied away from defending myself. And I’m also sometimes eager to engage if I feel that you want to be slick or be offensive behind the scenes. I might choose to address it in music. And, you know, that was how I ended myself up in the Pusha situation, which, you know...Some of my favorite fighters in the world, take a guy like Nate Diaz, you look at his record – It might not look like the craziest record. But, you know, he’s still one of my favorite fighters. He’s still a dog.”
“And that’s just the sport of fighting. You know, somebody’s gonna catch you at some point, unless you’re Floyd (Mayweather) pretty much. But for the rest of us, you’re gonna get rocked one time by something you didn’t expect. So that’s just kind of how I chalk that situation up.” (*H/T Sportskeeda for the transcription)

Presently, Nate Diaz has indicated that he plans on returning to the octagon and competing in multiple fights in 2021. Meanwhile, Drake continues scaling great heights of success in the entertainment industry as one of the most beloved entertainers worldwide.

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