Jake Paul takes another dig at KSI saying that "he will never fight me"

KSI (left image), Jake Paul (right image)
KSI (left image), Jake Paul (right image)

It's no secret that Jake Paul and KSI have been embroiled in a long-term feud since the Brit defeated Logan Paul in a boxing match three years ago. Now the rising boxer has taken another shot at his rival.

Despite arguably being the originator of YouTubers making the jump over to boxing, Olajide Olatunji hasn't dedicated his life to the sport like others in his profession have. Throughout his years on the internet, 'JJ' has arguably become the UK's biggest social media star and continues to grow year by year.

In a post aiming to rile up his foe, Jake Paul shared a photoshopped image of him scoring a huge right hook on KSI in a fantasy boxing match that the young American has been angling for.

enjoy this image because he will never fight me.

Despite coming from an influencer background, Jake has taken the sport seriously and looks like more of a problem each and every time he steps foot into the squared circle.

KSI is the much less experienced competitor in the ring, having fought just twice since his professional win against Logan Paul, though those two fights were on the same night. He has promised fans that he will be more active in the coming years and aims to fight his fellow YouTube star sometime next year.

What's next for Jake Paul?

Jake Paul has just enjoyed the biggest win of his boxing career after a grueling eight-round war with future UFC Hall-of-Famer Anderson Silva, so who will the promising talent face next?

With the bout with KSI seemingly off the table until further notice, 'The Problem Child' will need to find another high-status celebrity to test himself against, and it looks like he has now found a couple of potential future challengers.

First, Jake released a video on social media showing him in a standoff with the controversial Andrew Tate, with the two reenacting their face-off at the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Deji event.

Another possible opponent would be fellow boxing prospect Tommy Fury, whose proposed fights against the younger Paul brother have fallen through on two separate occasions, with a third rumored to be on the table.

Dear @jakepaul I’m glad to see you’ve agreed to the location and time, now you can tell your team to get round the table and negotiate properly instead of trying to hide behind the old terms/ agreements put in place 2 years ago. I’m ready and waiting to get this over the line.

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