"Grown a** men hating on women" - When Patrick Mahomes' wife Brittany called out UFC commentator Joe Rogan over divorce comments

When Patrick Mahomes
When Patrick Mahomes' wife Brittany (left) called out Joe Rogan (right) [Images courtesy: @patrickmahomes on Instagram & Joe Rogan on YouTube]

Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, once called out Joe Rogan for commenting on her marriage.

Back in February 2023, Rogan was joined by fellow comedians and podcasters Shane Gillis, Mark Normand and Ari Shaffir on an episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

During the show, the group had a lot to say about Patrick Mahomes' brother and his marriage.

Gillis brought up the topic, saying:

"His [Patrick Mahomes] brother that does TikToks and his annoying wife that screams – everyone hates on them and it actually makes me happy...Patrick Mahomes has a wife that’s just wild. She’s up in the box and films herself…and Patrick is obviously the man, and then he’s got a crazy wife and a brother up in the box, doing all that sh*t."

Rogan then chimed in, adding:

"The problem is they keep that same energy when you get divorced. They come after you with that same energy."

Check out the clip here:

Brittany Mahomes was clearly annoyed with the entire conversation and took to social media to call out Rogan and his guests for their comments. She tweeted:

"Something about grown me talking sh*t about someone's wife is real weird...🤔"

Mahomes then followed up on her post by adding:

"Actually grown a** men hating on women in general is pathetic🥴"

Check out the X post here:

Logan Paul calls for change to PRIME bottles after Patrick Mahomes' Super Bowl win

Patrick Mahomes was named the Super Bowl LVIII MVP following the big game, and Logan Paul took to X to announce that this would mean there would be a change to the special edition Patrick Mahomes PRIME bottles.

Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to back-to-back Super Bowls on Sunday night after a stunning win in overtime saw them clinch the victory over the San Franciso 49ers. The Chiefs have now won the Vince Lombardi Trophy three times in the last five years.

Logan Paul was then featured on PRIME's official Instagram page celebrating the victory.

During the video, 'The Maverick' mentioned that their special edition Patrick Mahomes bottle would now need to be changed to say he is a three-time champion and MVP instead of a two-time champ.

The official page wrote:

"We’re gonna have to change the @patrickmahomes bottle. CONGRATS TO THE 3X CHAMP!!"

Check out the post here:

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