“He’s going about his business badly” - Nico Carrillo wants to humble Jonathan Haggerty 

Nico Carrillo (left) throws shade at two-sport ONE world champion Jonathan Haggerty (right).
Nico Carrillo (left) throws shade at two-sport ONE world champion Jonathan Haggerty (right).

Nico Carrillo is riding high with three epic win streaks ever since he joined ONE Championship, and now he's firing bullets at the two-sport kingpin, Jonathan Haggerty.

After picking up a massive victory in his last fight against Thai legend Nong-O Hama, Carrillo is not shy to speak his mind.

'King of the North' thinks that Haggerty intentionally skipped him for a world title defense against Superlek Kiatmoo9 slated for ONE 168: Denver.

In a podcast interview with Sky Sports MMA Club, the Scottish slugger said he lost respect over the Brit.

"Totally. Totally. Is he a great fighter? Yes. Do I respect him the same? No. Because he’s going about his business badly."

He explained:

"He thought he was going to steamroll past Lobo then me, but it didn’t. And then he’s just stopped hyping himself up to fight anybody because he knows it’ll be the end of him. Not only that, but I feel the bright lights and the bonuses have all got to his head. He doesn’t seem like a humble person at all in my opinion."

And now, Carrillo is aiming to get that title fight by defeating all opponents who stand in his way.

Nico Carrillo ready to destroy every challenger to get to Jonathan Haggerty

Nico 'King of the North' Carrillo is eager to get his hands on the ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world title, and he's willing to face anyone who stands before him.

The Scottish slugger believes that he has done what it takes to earn the right and fight against the divisional king, and that no one should doubt his will.

Speaking earlier with South China Morning Post, Carrillo said that a Scotland vs. England title fight would be epic, as he doesn't see it any other way.

He said:

“It’s a fairytale. It has to happen. It cannot not happen. Probably April or the start of April would be good for me.”

Watch the full interview below:


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