How long will Andrew Tate be in jail? Recent court order pushes release back for another month

BREAKING: Andrew Tate
BREAKING: Andrew Tate's detention extended for yet another month [Images via: @Morpheusresist on Twitter]

Andrew Tate's lengthy confinement in a Romanian prison took a dramatic turn when it was reported that the controversial influencer and his brother Tristan will remain in custody in Romania for a fourth consecutive month. Tate, his brother Tristan, and two convicted accomplices have been detained in Romania on suspicion of human trafficking and the formation of an organized crime network.

According to a report by BBC News, Tate will be imprisoned until the end of April, according to his attorneys. Representatives for the brothers informed a Bucharest court that no new evidence had been presented by prosecutors at Wednesday's hearing. They believe this current turn of events is more proof that the brothers are being set up because of their provocative statements and online reputation.

Ms. Petrescu, Andrew Tate's spokeswoman, stated that, for the first time, the judge had the brothers address the prosecution's claims that they posed a threat to public order and safety.

Andrew Tate’s custody was extended by another month

Judges have cited concerns that Andrew Tate could influence witnesses or tamper with evidence to support their decision to continue holding the accused in custody. Suspects in Romania can be held without trial for up to six months if the courts grant their permission.

Lawyer Eugen Vidineac offered more clarity on the most recent verdict by informing BBC News:

"In all the volumes of the file, you never find one piece of paper with pornographic content to sustain the theory that [the women] were obliged to post pornographic content."

Although Tate's future is uncertain, his fervent followers stand by him through thick and thin. Daniel Ticau, a former prosecutor from the organized crime unit overseeing the Tate investigation, stated:

"From my point of view, there is a serious lack of political will to develop this capacity to properly handle parallel financial investigations in organized crime, and in particular in human trafficking, drug trafficking and other serious crimes."

Andrew Tate detention: 'King Cobra' pledges to continue his efforts to be released from prison

Recent news reports have highlighted Andrew Tate's detention and lengthy confinement on suspicion of heading a trafficking network that forces women to produce pornographic videos for the internet.

Even in prison, Andrew Tate has been communicating with his loyal fan base via Twitter. He recently wrote an encouraging statement in which he vowed to continue fighting for his release. He wrote:

"I will continue to write and work in this cell. I will continue to prepare for my eventual release. My ancestors are watching me. I will show them. I am outstanding even in the rain. To all of you with your own trials and struggles. I recommend you do the same."

Check out the tweet below:

I will continue to write and work in this cell.I will continue to prepare for my eventual release.My ancestors are watching me.I will show them.I am outstanding even in the rain.To all of you with your own trials and struggles.I recommend you do the same.

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