Jake Paul launches new anti-bullying charity 'Boxing Bullies' and gives away hundreds of signed gloves

Jake Paul launches charity organization 'Boxing Bullies' [Image credit: @jakepaul via Instagram]
Jake Paul launches charity organization 'Boxing Bullies' [Image credit: @jakepaul via Instagram]

The newest project that Jake Paul is involved in is an anti-bullying charity organization called 'Boxing Bullies.'

Jake Paul recently launched the charity as its founder and posted about the event earlier today. The location was set in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where his older brother Logan Paul has purchased a new mansion.

"Our mission at Boxing Bullies is to help instill confidence, courage, and leadership into the youth through the sport of boxing. Boxing gave me purpose, it gave me something to fight for, so I am hoping to be able to share that with you guys, because I think it is the best sport in the world. Our mission is to fight back against bullying because bullying is such a prevalent problem in our generation. And having been a bully myself, it's okay to realize that you're bullying and stop it and change and become a better person and that's our mission is at Boxing Bullies," Jake Paul said at the launch.

At the event, Jake Paul himself was present to sign and give away the pairs of gloves. ES News uploaded a video of the launch, including Jake Paul's speech and clips of the Boxing Bullies kids sparring and training under coaches.


A few days ago, an Instagram page dedicated to Boxing Bullies went live online acknowledging Jake Paul as the founder.

Jake Paul sat down for an interview for the same where he claimed Boxing Bullies were going to train 100 kids in boxing training.

"This has been something that we've been working on for a year now. Finally we are going to launch it. We are going to put 100 children to do different boxing exercises and kick fights so they have experience. We're going to get them coaches and official gloves and teach them because we all have to defend ourselves against bullying. It really affected me and that's when I realized that the things people say every day...sometimes they don't think about them...when you send an insult or a tweet but there is someone on the other side who receives it. It can affect the rest of your life," Jake Paul said.

Jake Paul has been called out for bullying

It is somewhat ironic that Jake Paul is running an anti-bullying charity, given that he has been called out for being a bully himself.

'The Problem Child' released his 2017 song YouTube Stars Diss Track that had the line "Where was y'all at when I was in the lunchroom / Stopping kids from getting bullied?". In retaliation, Twitter user @THEsuperlauren opened up about how Jake Paul was a bully in his younger days.

@THEsuperlauren followed up with some more stories.

However, Jake Paul himself admitted at the launch that he has been a bully and has since realized his flaws and fixed his ways.

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