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Joe Rogan signs deal with Spotify

Joe Rogan at UFC 249
Joe Rogan at UFC 249
Modified 20 May 2020

Joe Rogan has ascended into becoming the "New King Of All Media". From actor and stand up to show host to MMA commentator, he's grown his brand by leaps and bounds.

Through recent years Joe Rogan has done a tad less of the on-location commentating for the UFC. Rumors swirled that when the company was bought for $4.2 billion he would step away, giving new owners a fresh new start across the board. Instead, he gave it a flow of commonality.

Then when the coronavirus pandemic broke, many thought this is when Joe Rogan would bow out. After all, he very seldomly travels abroad and the UFC now has a plethora of top-notch color commentators. Besides, he makes more money staying home doing his show than what he makes as a broadcaster. And now, it's not even in the same stratosphere.

The Joe Rogan Experience is moving to Spotify

The Joe Rogan Experience is making a massive move as it is heading exclusively to Spotify. The multi-year deal is worth more than $100 million. And in this market, it's a huge risk, with ridiculously high rewards for all. Joe's reach of more than 286 million vivacious fans is expected to come along.

Being solely on YouTube, there are times where censorship blends with political climates. For Spotify, that is not a problem as he no longer will need to even concern himself with what may or may not be cut from his show. It's the equivalent to when Howard Stern moved from terrestrial radio to Sirius XM. Spotify is well already on the map, but this gives them a pure home run hitter.

The official move doesn't happen until September 1st. Then the company also gets exclusive rights to Joe Rogan's full 11 years worth of work. While his loyal listeners don't have to buy access to listen, they will, however, need to have Spotify accounts. He will still have stuff uploaded to YouTube, but it will just be small sound bites and clips here and there.

So now the question must be asked again. Will this be the beginning of the end of seeing Joe cage-side with a headset on?

After all people said Conor McGregor after fighting Floyd Mayweather, wouldn't want to fight any more thanks to all the money he made. Well, now it's Joe Rogan's turn.

Published 20 May 2020, 05:52 IST
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