Legal team declares Ryan Garcia "victim" in statement after supplement samples test positive for Ostarine

Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia's legal team addresses failed PED tests [Image via: Getty Images]

It appears Ryan Garcia may have tested positive for Ostarine due to tainted supplements. The boxer's legal team recently released a statement addressing his second drug test failure and claimed that samples of two supplements they sent for testing came back positive for contamination.

Garcia tested positive for the banned substance Ostarine after his upset victory over Devin Haney on April 20. He reportedly failed a pre-fight urine test on April 19 as well as a post-fight test on the day of the fight. However, he has consistently maintained his innocence and urged fans he was a clean boxer.

In a statement shared with MMA Fighting, Garcia's legal team revealed that two supplements declared for the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) before the Haney fight "returned positive" for being tainted. It read:

"The test results from samples of two supplements declared by Ryan Garcia on VADA Doping Control Forms, signed on April 19th and 20th, have returned positive for Ostarine contamination. This confirms what we have consistently maintained: Ryan was a victim of supplement contamination and has never intentionally used any banned or performance-enhancing substances."

It continued:

"Additionally, multiple negative tests leading up to his fight against Haney further affirm his clean record. The ultra-low levels of Ostarine detected in his samples, in the billionth of a gram range, along with his clean hair sample, prove contamination rather than intentional ingestion. The recent test results reiterate this."

Eddie Hearn on Ryan Garcia potentially running it back with Devin Haney

Veteran boxing promoter Eddie Hearn recently shared his thoughts on a potential rematch between Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney. As mentioned, Garcia surprisingly beat Haney in their highly anticipated fight on April 20 despite many predicting a statement victory for the WBC super lightweight champion.

While Haney hasn't shown much interest in a rematch with Garcia, Hearn sees massive potential for such a bout. During an interview with iFL TV, the boxing promoter said:

"The fight will definitely be a no-contest, it's just whether that's a disqualification or a no-contest or whatever is gonna happen. But I think the rematch is massive, but also [Haney] has got to deal with Sandor Martin. I think that's a good fight for him at this stage of his career to come back to."

Catch Eddie Hearn's comments below (5:10):


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