Logan Paul auctioning off NFT of broken hand, owner gets to walk 'Maverick' out in next fight 

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul
Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul

Logan Paul is all set to kick off the sale of '#16' 99 Original NFT. However, he made the deal sweeter by offering the eventual owner of the NFT a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of his team in his next fight.

In a recent post on Twitter, Paul highlighted the perks that one could enjoy if they managed to snag the '#16' NFT titled 'A Demolition Of The Third Metacarpal' from his collection.

Paul declared that the owner of the NFT will be offered a chance to pick the colors of the outfit he will sport in his next boxing fight. He further revealed that they would also play a central role during his walk out to the ring.

"The owner of this NFT will walk me out to my next fight & choose the color of my outfit."

Check out the tweet below:

The owner of this NFT will walk me out to my next fight & choose the color of my outfit 😮‍💨…

The Polaroid immortalises the moment Paul and his crew were forced to rush to the hospital after he suffered a gruesome injury to the knuckles of his dominant hand.

Logan Paul is currently coming off an exhibition fight against one of the greatest boxers the world has ever seen, Floyd Mayweather. Although there was no official scoring in place for the fight, many felt that the undefeated boxer was toying with the YouTuber.

In a recent post on social media, Paul commemorated his fight against Mayweather. He alluded to yet another fight in the future, asking fans to suggest opponents for him. However, the details of his return remain unknown.

Logan Paul details the story of how he injured his hand

In a subsequent post on social media, Logan Paul shared a snippet of an episode from the IMPAULSIVE podcast where he offered fans some insight into how he sustained the injury.

'Maverick' admitted that he picked up the injury while playing an arcade game while he was slightly intoxicated. In the snippet, Logan recalled his travels to Hamburg, Germany, where he stumbled upon the game in a small-time pub.

He revealed that he shattered his 'third metacarpal' in an attempt to beat the high-score in the game that was set by the owner of the bar.

Logan Paul declared that he a column on the wall while throwing a punch on the bag, after having received several warnings from the bartender who was on-duty.

"I broke my hand & ended my boxing career."
I broke my hand & ended my boxing career

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