Mark Sangiao says Jarred Brooks is a "master promoter" but Joshua Pacio won’t be affected by trash talk

(left) Jarred Brooks, (middle) Mark Sangiao, and (right) Joshua Pacio [Credit: ONE Championship]
(left) Jarred Brooks, (middle) Mark Sangiao, and (right) Joshua Pacio [Image credits: ONE Championship]

Mark Sangiao said Joshua Pacio won’t be affected by Jarred Brooks’ trash talking before their upcoming showdown at ONE 164.

'The Passion’ will make his fourth straight world title defense against his first American-based challenger, ‘The Monkey God’ Jarred Brooks, on a massive double-header card on Saturday, December 3.

As the day approaches, Pacio and Team Lakay coach and mentor Mark Sangiao said they’ll be turning a deaf ear to any trash talk coming from their rival.

When ONE Championship asked Sangiao how both he and Pacio remain so level-headed against Brooks’ incessant rambling, the Team Lakay coach said:

“The trash talk is just white noise as long as you don’t let it affect you. We know Jarred is a master promoter. If you look at it negatively, it will affect you that way. But if you keep it chill and just take it in stride, your performance won’t suffer at all.”

Indeed, Joshua Pacio seems to be taking the big talk very well as he’s only responded back with the axiom that actions speak louder than words.

Understanding where Brooks is coming from, Pacio nonetheless remains focused on what he has to do, and that is to continue to do business as usual.

Mark Sangiao says Joshua Pacio is focused on executing his game plan while Brooks can keep on talking

Mark Sangiao sees Brook's trash-talking as a great opportunity for Joshua Pacio to zone in on a strategic game plan. Pacio is only 26-years-old but he carries himself with a different kind of maturity you don’t often see in athletes that age.

Having an incredible work ethic, coupled with a tough and impenetrable mindset, are tools that will help Pacio ricochet all the negative talk coming from his rival.

Therefore, Sangiao believes Jarred Brook’s mind games are futile against Pacio. After all, it’s a strong and tactical game plan that wins you fights, not big egos.

He continued to say:

“Brooks employs the style of Western fighters when it comes to getting under their opponent’s skin. He likes to instigate so his opponents will become emotional and fight angry. For us, we’re just focusing on our training and executing our game plan to a tee.”

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