Meet the person behind Eddie Alvarez’s success

Eddie Alvarez (Right corner)
Eddie Alvarez (Right corner)

The Underground King” Eddie Alvarez’s passion to be the best Lightweight in the world secured him four World Titles throughout his storied career.

However, without his wife, Jamie, by his side, he might not have had the same success.

The couple first exchanged looks as teenagers at a high school dance, but it wasn’t until a couple of years later when their romance kicked off – ironically, on the dance floor at a local club.

“Both of us were actually too young to get in. We had fake IDs. From the moment we saw each other, we knew we wanted to be together,” the ONE Championship athlete said.
“From there, we hung out almost every day. I never liked being in my neighborhood, ever. I didn’t have a car, so she would drive to one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Philadelphia and pick me up. I honestly was scared for her sometimes.”

A couple of years went by and “The Underground King” had to balance his personal life while kicking off his professional martial arts journey in North America.

At 20 years old, Eddie Alvarez welcomed his first child. But as a newcomer to the sport, the Philadelphia native barely made ends meet and could not yet marry his long-time beau.

“I was still doing concrete work and fighting whenever I could,” the athlete said. “I was not a full-time fighter and wasn’t making enough money to buy her a ring, let alone pay for a wedding.”

Despite the circumstances, Eddie Alvarez knew Jamie was always going to have his back.

“I think that’s what most fighters need. They need a partner who understands the sport in and out,” Eddie Alvarez said.
“They don’t need to separate their wives and significant others from the sport. They actually have to bring them in and make them a partner so they can understand what they’re going through and why they’re going through it.”

Over the next four years, Eddie Alvarez gained momentum. He went from a largely unknown athlete to an elite martial artist, finishing 13 of his 15 opponents by knockout or submission.


He was soon financially stable, which meant marriage was on the cards.

“Right around when we had our second child, Anthony, at that time, we were established enough,” Eddie Alvarez said.
“I was making a lot of money, and I was fighting full-time by then. When I had enough money to pay for a wedding and pay for a ring and do it the right way, that’s when we got married.”

The couple’s love has only grown stronger since. The pair are now parents to four wonderful kids, and to this very day, Jamie is always there for Eddie Alvarez as he aims to add another accolade top his trophy case – the ONE Lightweight World Title.

“She understands when I have to leave the house for a month or weeks at a time. She gets it,” Eddie Alvarez said.

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