Michael Bisping hails Demetrious Johnson’s spot-on impersonation of UFC stars’ fighting styles with apt 4-word response

Michael Bisping, Demetrious Johnson (Image Courtesy - @bisping, @MightyMouse on Twitter/X)
Michael Bisping, Demetrious Johnson (Image Courtesy - @bisping, @MightyMouse on Twitter/X)

A video of former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson impersonating some other fighters recently made its rounds on social media. Michael Bisping, who came across the video, is thoroughly impressed.

In the video, Demetrious Johnson can be seen playfully moving like some of the most popular fighters in the UFC, after the person who is recording the video, names certain fighters.

Johnson imitates Israel Adesanya's feinting game, Sean O'Malley's fluid movement and striking style, Dominick Cruz's iconic footwork, Khabib Nurmagomedov's pressure-fighting style, Henry Cejudo's unique karate-like stance, Sean Strickland's philly shell-inspired guard, Dustin Poirier's boxing and finally, Conor McGregor's rangey stance.

He does an incredible job of nailing these fighter's unique characters, and Michael Bisping was clearly amazed.

Check out the video here:

Michael Bisping responded:

"These are actually perfect @MightyMouse"

Towards the end of the video, the cameraman screams out Mighty Mouse, after which Demetrious Johnson does his trademark celebration to close out the video.

Johnson is considered by many to be one of the GOATs of MMA. Apart from his incredibly well-rounded game and aptitude to learn, his fight IQ is truly on a different level.

It's perhaps due to his fight IQ and the calculated way in which he approaches fighting that he is able to capture, to such an accurate degree, some of the characteristics and styles that MMA's biggest names today embody.

Michael Bisping outlines interaction with 'tough guy' on Twitter

Michael Bisping has always been known as a brash and outgoing personality who never minces his words. The British MMA legend and former UFC middleweight champion took to X to talk about an interaction he had with someone while he was driving.

Bisping said:

"Just had some fat a**hole jump out of his car practically begging me to get out the car and fight him for changing lane while moving about 0.1 miles per hour. real tough guy :)"

Bisping, who is now a commentator for the UFC and is well past his fighting days, proved to be the bigger man and did not indulge the individual, at least according to his next post, which read:

"I casually laughed from the seat of my car."

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