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MMA News: Michael Bisping lashes out against Brock Lesnar

Published Oct 17, 2016
Oct 17, 2016 IST
‘The Count’

One of the most outspoken MMA fighters against the use of performance-enhancing-drugs(PED) has been Michael Bisping. Bisping is the current UFC middleweight champion and has been clean right since the time of his debut in 2006.

His condemnation of fighters who use steroids and other PEDs has never paused. If one looks back at his record, he can't be blamed much for his incessant tirade. Because, four out seven fighters who have defeated him in his career have been at least once tested positive, namely, Dan Henderson, Vitor Belfort and few more.

His fight with 'The Phenom' Vitor Belfort in 2013 left Bisping with a detached retina and his eye even after multiple surgeries would never look the same. But Vitor Belfort was on testosterone replacement therapy(TRT) and although it is legally permitted by the UFC, Bisping and many other MMA fighters believe it to be cheating.

Continuing his ranting, 'The Count', this time, had a few profanity-laced words for Brock Lesnar.

He appeared on Ric Flair's podcast before his victorious fight against Dan Henderson at UFC 204. During the course of the podcast, Ric Flair asked him about Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar, who has temporarily been suspended on account of failing two drug tests, one before and one after his victorious fight against Mark Hunt at UFC 200 has received a lot of backlash both from the MMA and the WWE community. 'The Count' replied,

“Listen I respect any man that steps into the octagon because it takes balls. But if you have to go in there and take steroids to do it? F**k you, you c***y son of a b***h. Kiss my ass”

Bisping is confident that he can knock out Lesnar at any given time and he made that quite clear.

I will knock Brock Lesnar out with one f***ing punch. I will take him throw him out of the octagon like the pu**y he is. F-k Brock Lesnar! F-k steroids! F-k all of you f—ing f----ts that want to come here and take steroids. Am I making myself clear?


Always a strong advocate of keeping the game clean, he continued:

He's a big son of a b***h. Steroids have destroyed the sport and anyone who takes them can kiss my a**..real men don't cheat in a real fight. In your world you have to look good, you have to be big and it's expected for the audience. In a real fight we shouldn't be cheating and taking steroids.”

A potential matchup between Bisping and Brock Lesnar would certainly be interesting to watch! Could be a big payday for both fighters considering how popular they are amongst their fanbases.

Considering how the UFC certainly milks actual feuds and rivalries between fighters into matches in the Octagon, this one could very well happen as well The weight difference will have to be worked around, however.

The date of Lesnar's next hearing is to be determined soon by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. If found guilty of charges, he may have to pay a hefty fine. 

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