MMA celebs Laura Sanko and Nina-Marie Daniele's 'forehead battle' leaves fans amused - "That's why Joe Rogan is so smart"

Laura Sanko and Nina-Marie Daniele. [via Twitter @ninamdrama]
Laura Sanko and Nina-Marie Daniele. [via Twitter @ninamdrama]

UFC analyst Laura Sanko and social media personality Nina-Marie Daniele engaged in a battle for the biggest foreheads. The two had their foreheads measured, came to the conclusion that they had equally-sized domes, and were happy to settle for a draw.

Daniele's quip about having big brains underneath their big foreheads prompted a fan to make a reference to Joe Rogan.

"Damn that's why @joerogan is so smart"

Fans poured in with hilarious reactions and references.

"Now that u mention it, you got that Peyton Manning forehead [face with tears of joy emoji x2]"
"@liz_churchill10 has 2 inches on either if you easily. Fivehead for real"
"New Twitter account being made. Laura Sanko forehead"
"β€œDome piece” [skull emoji]"
"And you guys still don’t know where you wanna eat [face with tears of joy emoji] [eyes emoji]"

Fans also wanted to pit Laura Sanko and Nina-Marie Daniele against each other.

"I wanna see a fight between you and sanko."

One fan also commented on Taylor Lewan acting as the mediator and judge, asking him to find a job.

"Lewan looks like the gay bestfriend"
"That guy should find a job."

Fans also complimented both Sanko and Daniele's beauty.

"[rolling on the floor laughing emoji] wtf yall are hilarious and talented and beautiful... killing me I'm ded [skull emoji] rn"
"The 2 best foreheads in the game today"
"Best foreheads in MMA [face with tears of joy emoji] [fisted hand emoji]"

Laura Sanko shares a video of male co-analyst sitting pant-less next to her

Laura Sanko is well known for her work in the UFC studios and compliments other presenters well too. In a recent shoot for Road to UFC season 2, Sanko was paired alongside John Gooden.

She shared a video of her co-host and analyst taking comfort at work to the next level by sitting pant-less underneath his suited-up look. Sanko said in a video posted to Instagram:

"Getting ready to go on air shortly for Road to UFC season 2. Everybody looking very professional. Except for John, where are your pants? I mean you could ask the same for me, but I am wearing pants."

Check out Sanko's post below on Instagram:

John Gooden quipped back in the comments with his own wardrobe conundrum:

"Sh*t, now I can’t wear the same pair tomorrow cos the world has seen those ones. Maybe I’ll just turn those shorts inside out πŸ€”"

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