Nate Diaz destroys Jake Paul's intimidation attempt with just four simple words [VIDEO]

Nate Diaz
Jake Paul (left) and Nate Diaz (right)

Former UFC superstar Nate Diaz recently destroyed Jake Paul's attempt to intimidate him ahead of their bout.

The two are set to lock horns inside the squared circle next month on August 5 in what would be Nate Diaz's boxing debut. Ahead of their fight, Paul and Diaz appeared on a recent episode of The Pat McAfee Show to discuss various topics.

During their appearance, Jake Paul spoke about how the former UFC superstar is making a huge mistake by studying his old fights as he will be a completely new fighter. He said:

"I'm glad that he's watched all my fights. You know, study the film man, you know, it's gonna be a completely different fighter and you're preparing for someone completely different. So, you're making a big mistake by trying to look at any of my footage and compare me to anything that I'm gonna be doing in that ring."

Responding to what Jake Paul had to say, Nate Diaz seemingly shut down Paul's intimidation attempt by saying:

"That's what people say."

Take a look at the clip below:

Nate Diaz denies having CTE and discusses bloody fights

Throughout his career, the former UFC superstar has developed a reputation for taking a lot of damage. Moreover, there has been speculation that he is suffering from CTE. However, during the same appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Diaz denied having CTE.

Moreover, Nate Diaz addressed bleeding early and pointed out that those cuts are not typically from punches. Instead, he bleeds because of being hit by forearms and elbows. He said:

"I don't really be eating punches like how they say. I bleed because of the forearms and the elbows and s**t cut me up but like I said, I've been in a boxing gym and it might not look like it but I roll with a lot of these punches that anybody lands on me. I'm not just walking in like a meathead into punches."

Diaz continued:

"I've never been knocked out. I've never even really been f**king stunned stupid or nothing. These f**kers are talking about how I talk and how I've got f**king CTE or some s**t. I'm like 'bro, I've been talking this way the whole motherf**king time'. It's got nothing to do with getting hit or none of that and I'm smarter now than ever."

Check out Diaz's comments in the video below (24:40):


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