"New back ink?" - Fans react to Paige VanZant's new swimsuit snaps from Miami boat trip

Paige VanZant
Paige VanZant's latest tattoo revelation garners fan reactions [Image courtesy: @paigevanzant on Instagram]

Former UFC fighter Paige VanZant continues to captivate her fans on social media, this time showcasing a stunning new back tattoo on Instagram. Despite being away from competitive MMA for a while, '12 Gauge' remains one of the most recognized female fighters globally.

VanZant has carved out a successful career as a content creator on the subscription platform OnlyF*ns. However, she also maintains a strong social media presence, particularly on Instagram, where she frequently shares glimpses of her photoshoots. Her latest post showcased a new back tattoo, leaving fans in awe of her artwork and beauty.

The comment section overflowed with admiration for '12 Gauge' and curiosity about the tattoo.

Check out some of the fan reactions below:

"New back ink? 😍😍😍😍😍😍"
"That's awesome! What's your back piece? How long/where did you get it"
"When did you get a whole back piece?"
"BeautifulπŸ–€ (please no more tattoos)"
Fans react to VanZant's latest post
Fans react to VanZant's latest post

When Paige VanZant recalled an unsettling encounter with a stalker during a training session

Paige VanZant recently took to social media to share a troubling experience with a stalker during a training session. VanZant, known for her large online following, detailed how an everyday training session turned into an unsettling encounter with a stalker.

In an Instagram video, she described noticing a man watching her train intently, which immediately caused her concern:

"He's like, 'Hey, how are you?' like, I'm so happy to meet you... And I was like, okay. and was like What's your name? and he's like, it's blah blah blah, he's like, 'we've been talking on Instagram for years. So, I was like what? he's like we have been chatting on Instagram forever, and I was like, well, what's your Instagram?"

She added:

"He gives it to me and I like, type it in and I go step in the office, I go in the back, open the messages. He has been messaging me every single day for like at least 10 to 20 messages per day. for the last, like four years."

Check out Paige VanZant's take on the incident in the video below:

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