“Now you call me hands of stone, b**ch”– Fabricio Andrade claims John Lineker’s nickname after beatdown

Fabricio Andrade tells John Lineker that he
Fabricio Andrade tells John Lineker that he's now 'Hands of Stone'. [Photos ONE Championship]

Fabricio Andrade isn’t letting up on antagonizing rival John Lineker.

The two Brazilian stars fought to an unfortunate no-contest in what could’ve punctuated their feud at ONE on Prime Video 3 this past weekend at Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur.

Andrade was utterly dominant in their match for the ONE bantamweight world title but an accidental knee strike to Lineker’s groin, unfortunately, ended the match in a no-contest.

Nevertheless, Andrade knew that he had Lineker under control and made sure that his rival knew it. Taking to Instagram a day after the match, ‘Wonder Boy’ had some choice words for Lineker and essentially stole his nickname away:

“@johnlinekermma now you call me hands of stone bitch #johnpillowhands #chicken”

Andrade was relentless in his offensive barrage against Lineker and had ‘Hands of Stone’ bloodied up at the start of the third round.

After tagging his foe with a crisp knee to the body, Andrade followed it up with another knee strike but the second shot inadvertently landed flush on Lineker’s groin. With Lineker unable to push through after the mandatory recovery time, the match was ruled a no-contest leaving the ONE bantamweight world title in a vacant state.

Fabricio Andrade says John Lineker took the cowardly way out

Fabricio Andrade was seemingly a couple of significant strikes away from becoming the ONE bantamweight world champion, but his effort went to naught after he inadvertently kneed Lineker in the groin.

‘Wonder Boy’, who was dominant for much of the fight, posted on social media that he believes Lineker took the easy way out of their match.

Andrade knew that he had Lineker on the defensive throughout the fight, and that it was just unfortunate he connected with a low blow. Fabricio Andrade told ONE Championship:

“Honestly, I don’t think it was enough to make him stop the fight. But he knew that in the third round, I just dropped him with a body knee, and he took the easy way out."

He added:

“The fight didn’t end as I expected. I was feeling very comfortable, very confident in the fight. I was pushing the pace and trying to finish him as soon as I could. And I made a mistake and hit him with the low blow.”

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