“It's like my favorite season” - Danielle Kelly reveals her love for pumpkin spice and more

Danielle Kelly reveals her favorite season of the year and anything pumpkin-related [Credit: ONE Championship]
Danielle Kelly reveals her favorite season of the year and anything pumpkin-related [Credit: ONE Championship]

In an exclusive interview with ONE Championship, Brazilain jiu-jitsu superstar Danielle Kelly was asked if she was one of those pumpkin spice girls, and she gamely replied by saying: “Big time.”

Now that fall has reached the US, the Silver Fox athlete took a break from talking about jiu-jitsu and MMA to reveal her love for the colorful season and anything pumpkin-related. With so many pumpkin-related products in the market to choose from during this time, Kelly narrowed down her favorites to three.

She explained:

It would have to be pumpkin cream, cold brews, or pumpkin candles. I actually just got some. I was looking at pumpkin candles today. I like the seasonal pumpkin colors just like the trees and they change over time. The weather gets colder a little bit. Fall clothing, that's like my primary favorite and scary movies. So it's all pumpkin related.”

When pressed about who she thought made the best pumpkin-spiced coffees, Danielle Kelly admitted she’d usually do them herself but admits she likes how Starbucks makes them.

At the same time, however, Kelly wouldn’t call herself a pumpkin-spice fanatic. She made it a point to say that the fall season just gives her a sense of nostalgia compared to other seasons.

She concluded by saying:

“I wouldn't say diehard but yeah, it's like my favorite season. Yeah, I've always been like the weird kid that likes scary movies and pumpkin stuff. So I feel as I got older, I just got into more pumpkin flavors. They used to think it was gross. But pumpkin shakes are my favorite. Yeah, just even like smelling pumpkin stuff. The season’s coming in.”

Danielle Kelly says her ultimate goal is to become the face of women’s jiu-jitsu in ONE Championship

Danielle Kelly has big plans for her time in ONE Championship. Joining the promotion last February as the first-ever female grappler for the burgeoning atomweight roster, Kelly has done a great job being an ambassador for the mostly male-dominant sport.

Discussing her short-term goals for the future, Kelly told Denise Salcedo from Instinct Culture:

“Hopefully, you know I definitely would like to get into MMA eventually when I’m ready and you know, collect more bonuses, get a PC, get Chick-Fil-A - own a Chick-Fil-A, I don’t know, just kind of be the face of women’s jiu-jitsu, that’s my ultimate goal.”

Watch the full interview below:


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