ONE Friday Fights 23 results and recap: Kongklai decimates Paedsanlek in second-round finish

Kongklai finishes Paedsanlek in the second round at ONE Friday Fights 23.
Kongklai finishes Paedsanlek in the second round at ONE Friday Fights 23.

Kongklai Annymuaythai made more than a statement in the main event of ONE Friday Fights 23 at the iconic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium.

Desperate for a win, Kongklai delivered a victory worthy of Bangkok’s festive nature when he knocked out Paedsanlek PK Saenchai 2:19 into the second round of their catchweight (140 lbs) Muay Thai bout. Kongklai may not have put too much power behind his attacks in the first round, but he was eager to push the pace early in the bout.

Things started to heat up in the final minute when Kongklai launched a blinding combination that easily broke Paedsanlek’s guard in the final 10 seconds of the first.

The second round proved to be Kongklai’s climactic act. Kongklai continued to dictate the tempo while brushing off Paedsanlek’s combinations. After getting into range, Kongklai launched a stiff straight left that sent Paedsanlek down for the first time in the second round.

Although Paedsanlek fought back after getting knocked down, Kongklai already had him measured. Kongklai brought the fight near the ropes, and it’s there where he plastered Paedsanlek with a two-punch combination for the second knockdown.

Kongklai then went berserk and sent a blinding barrage that caught Paedsanlek near the ropes. Paedsanlek tried to clinch, but that proved to be the beginning of his downfall as Kongklai flatlined him with a couple of vicious knees for the knockout win:

“I’m so happy. I’m speechless right now, and I did it!” Kongklai told Mitch Chilson in his in-ring interview. “We trained really hard, and we studied really hard our opponent to see what his opening is.”

ONE Friday Fights 23 full results

Kongklai Annymuaythai defeats Paedsanlek PK Saenchai via KO at 2:19 of round two (Muay Thai – catchweight 140 lbs)

Beckham Bigwinchampiongym defeats Anton Petrov via unanimous decision (Muay Thai – catchweight 160 lbs)

Stephen Irvine defeats Pettong Kiatsongrit via KO at 2:36 of round two (Muay Thai – strawweight)

Petlampun Muadablampang defeats Patakake Sinbimuaythai via unanimous decision (Muay Thai – catchweight 128 lbs)

Numsurin Chor Ketwina defeats Chokdee Maxjandee via unanimous decision (Muay Thai – catchweight 116 lbs)

Songchainoi Kiatsongrit defeats Mungkorn Boomdeksean via KO at 1:52 of round three (Muay Thai – catchweight 119.2 lbs)

Kompet Fairtex defeats Huo Xiaolong via unanimous decision (kickboxing – strawweight)

Silviu Vitez defeats River Daz via unanimous decision (Muay Thai – catchweight 140 pounds)

Alexandr Skvortsov defeats Jose Manuel Hita via majority decision (Muay Thai – featherweight)

Yu Yau Pui defeats Marie Ruumet via unanimous decision (Muay Thai – atomweight)

Lawrence Phillips defeats Dalir Moradian via TKO at 3:47 of round one (MMA – heavyweight)

Chayan Oorzhak defeats Avliyohon Hamidov via TKO at 3:18 of round one (MMA – bantamweight)

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Edited by Ken Cameron