Prichard Colon lawsuit: What is the current status? Family filed case seeking $50M-plus from doctor and promoters

PBC on NBC: Lamont Peterson v Felix Diaz Jr.
PBC on NBC: Lamont Peterson v Felix Diaz Jr.

Prichard Colon's recovery is ongoing, with his lawsuit showing no signs of progress.

'Digget' was a rising prospect in the super welterweight division until 2015. Fresh off a win over former champion Vivian Harris, he faced Terrel Williams on a Fox card in a high-profile fight. However, that was the last bout of his career.

That night was marred by horrific refereeing and dirty fighting. For his part, Williams repeatedly punched Colon behind the back of the head. He repeatedly told the referee about the infractions, who told him to "take care of it" himself.

After multiple illegal strikes to the back of the head, Prichard Colon was knocked down in the later rounds of their fight. He rose to his feet but complained of his dizziness between rounds. Despite this, he was cleared to fight by the ringside doctor, and he went out for another round.

In round nine, he was disqualified, as his corner took off his gloves and stopped the fight themselves. After the fight, Colon began puking and was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with brain bleeding. As a result, he went into a coma for over 200 days.

However, he later emerged from the coma and has shown steady, but slow progress in making a recovery. These days, Colon is taken care of by his mother and uses a motorized wheelchair to move.

Prichard Colon recovery: What's the status of his lawsuit?

Lost in the midst of Prichard Colon's recovery, is his $50 million dollar lawsuit.

Given the horrific refereeing and oversight by the ringside doctor to allow him to fight, there was a lawsuit filed post-fight. Colon and his family are seeking millions from Dr. Richard Ashby, HeadBangers Boxing, and DiBella Entertainment.

The lawsuit was brought forth by the boxer's parents, as they need to pay for his full-time care. Sadly, there's been very little movement in the case since it was brought forward in 2017. In late 2020, a judge ruled that the case must go forward in Washington D.C., where the bout happened.

However, in the nearly three years since that happened, the case still hasn't moved to trial. In the meantime, Prichard Colon's mother has continued to provide updates on the boxer and his condition on social media. While it's possible that he will never be the same again, he's clearly put the work in to make it happen.

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