Sean O'Malley describes Joe Rogan's new podcast studio in Austin

Joe Rogan and Sean O
Joe Rogan with Aaron Rodgers at his Podcast Studio(left) and Sean O'Malley (right) [Image courtesy @joerogan on Instagram]

Sean O'Malley discusses Joe Rogan's new podcast studio in Austin, Texas.

Sean O'Malley and Tim Welch discussed Joe Rogan's new podcast studio in Austin on their podcast The Timbo Sugar Show. This conversation arose after 'Sugar' recently visited Joe Rogan's podcast titled Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) MMA show on episode number 133.

After Welch inquired about his recent visit to the JRE show, O'Malley elaborated on the studio layout:

"F*cking pretty sweet studio. He's got a deprivation tank in there. His studio is ummm.... pretty f'n big he's got like a full gym in there. He's got some mats, some bags, a bunch of weights, hot sauna, cold plunge all that in there. Its pretty pimp."

Rogan's entire studio setup appeared to please the American mixed artist and podcast host.

Joe Rogan has debuted his new Austin podcast studio, which his followers describe as a significant improvement from the doomsday-themed design he previously had when he moved into his $14.4 million Texas estate in 2020. Rogan revealed the new studio design during an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience with comic Tom Segura on April 10, 2021.

Sean O'Malley and Joe Rogan talk about weight loss in MMA

Sean O'Malley recently paid a visit to Joe Rogan's famed podcast show, The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan and O'Malley exhaustively covered MMA-related subjects.

Joe Rogan, a UFC color commentator and noted stand-up comedian, initiated a conversation about weight loss techniques and eating disorders among MMA competitors. The majority of MMA athletes claim to have used saunas or sweatsuits to dehydrate themselves in order to drop weight. During weight loss, most people skip up to two meals per day and eat as little as 300-750 calories per day, which is why it is a very dangerous routine to follow.

Rogan asked the number one UFC bantmanweight contender:

"When you're always dieting and cutting weight, do you think that it makes you like more prone to doing overeating?"

To which Sean O'Malley took the example of UFC lightweight fighter Paddy Pimblett and replied:

"That dude, look at the reason Paddy the Baddy gets as big as he is because, it's like you get the dismantle disorder. I strict as f*ck for about 10 weeks before that fight like, I'd have a little little cheat meal on a saturday but the closer we get to the fight, four or five weeks out I eat so clean"

Watch the full conversation here:


However, MMA athletes, particularly those in the UFC, often lose far over 10 pounds in preparation for a bout. Heavy weight reduction is related to symptoms such as heat exhaustion, stroke, and renal failure.

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