Sean O'Malley's custom jerseys sold out within seconds after release 

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Sean O'Malley
Anurag Mitra
Modified 28 Jul 2020

“Suga” Sean O’Malley is making money outside of the Octagon by launching his new custom jerseys that sold out like hotcakes in just seconds following their release.

Last month, the rising prospect criticized the UFC’s partnership with Reebok and claimed that he only made $3k as part of their sponsorship deal, despite having made the company over a million dollars in his merchandise sales. According to Sean O’Malley, he was paid very low royalties.

“I got royalties from Reebok,” Sean O’Malley said on Brendan Schaub’s Food Truck Diaries. “If I read it right, which I think I did—and I even sent it to my dad like, ‘Did I read this right?’ He said yes, so unless we both can’t read. They made over a million dollars on all my merch, and I got like $3,000. It’s ridiculous. I thought I got 15%, but they’re like ‘Well, you get 15% of this, but of this, and then these guys get it, and then you get 50% of that.’ I’m like holy sh*t,” O’Malley added. “Then, they make all these sweet shirts on Reebok … and I’m like don’t buy that!”

Well, Reebok certainly won't stand in front of Sean O’Malley's path to making more money from merchandise sales for too long as the company’s contract with the UFC is nearing its closure. The current deal is set to expire by the end of 2020, following which, Venum will succeed them as the new official sponsor of the UFC.

Sean O'Malley's stock just keeps rising

Sean O’Malley released his own new collection of limited edition jerseys for approximately $200 dollars per piece. According to reports, he sold about 100 jerseys in just 39 seconds, which is an incredible achievement considering he just broke into the top 15 in the UFC bantamweight rankings.

Published 28 Jul 2020
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