"That was my first dream car" - Former Bellator champ AJ McKee reveals which car he refuses to sell from his collection

AJ McKee [Pictured] reveals which of his cars he won
AJ McKee [Pictured] reveals which of his cars he won't sell [Image courtesy: The Game Plan - YouTube, and @ajmckee101 - Instagram]

AJ McKee recently revealed which of the cars from his collection he refuses to sell and noted that it's one that holds sentimental value.

When he's not training and winning fights in the cage, the former Bellator featherweight champion and Grand Prix winner is fully in tune with the car scene and has an impressive collection of his own. The cars that appear to peak his interest are JDM classics such as the Toyota Supra, which he owns in his collection.

While speaking to The Game Plan, he mentioned that he refuses to sell that car because of what it means to him as well as what it represents:

"That [Toyota Supra] was my first dream car, man. It's fu**in Fast and Furious lifestyle, you know what I mean?...I got all my imports. I'm an American drive but guess what, imports will always have my heart. It's just something about wrenching on them, hearing those turbos spool...I literally used to just take a cruise 2-3 in the morning and just let the turbo just flutter...You don't even gotta go fast, just hearing the turbo."

The Toyota Supra is known for being synonymous with the 'Fast & Furious' franchise as it served as the main car for Paul Walker's character, Brian O'Conner, in the original film. The value of 1990s Supra models continue to surge and resulted in some owners of those in peak condition to sell, but McKee isn't one of them.

Who is AJ McKee fighting at the PFL vs. Bellator event?

AJ McKee will be returning to the cage for the upcoming landmark PFL vs. Bellator event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Feb. 24th.

'The Mercenary' will be representing Bellator as he takes on former PFL lightweight finalist Clay Collard. 'Cassius' will be looking to bounce back from his unanimous decision loss to Olivier Aubin-Mercier in the 2023 lightweight tournament final this past November.

AJ McKee, on the other hand, is riding a three-fight winning streak that includes wins over Spike Carlyle, Sidney Outlaw, and Rizin lightweight champion Roberto 'Satoshi' de Souza.

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