“Sports is a great character builder” – Vitaly Bigdash hopes to train his son in martial arts

Martial arts helped Vitaly Bigdash find stability in his youth. | [Photo: ONE Championship]
Martial arts helped Vitaly Bigdash find stability in his youth. | [Photo: ONE Championship]

Vitaly Bigdash is one of the top fighters in the world, but outside the cage, he’s a father who only wishes the best for his child.

In a recent interview with ONE, Bigdash revealed that no matter how hard he hits his opponents in the Circle, his approach as a parent is vastly different:

“I am not a very strict father, to be honest. If he gets naughty sometimes, we have a system of punishments and rewards, which really works. Of course, there are no physical punishments, sometimes I can just talk to him with a stern voice and it’s enough.”

Growing up, Vitaly Bigdash moved from city to city as the family had to follow where his army officer dad was assigned. Kyokushin karate helped him fall in love with martial arts and he’s a better person because of it.

While he is able to provide his son with the stability he didn’t have as a child, Bigdash still wants to pass on his passion for martial arts:

“I want him to train hard to be able to defend himself. I don't know if he will grow up to be an athlete - the choice is his - but I want to see him becoming a strong and confident man in the future. And if I had a daughter, I'd be training her too, but would go easier on her, of course. Sports is a great character builder, I think.”

Bigdash will step inside the Circle on Friday for a much-anticipated trilogy fight with Aung La N Sang.

Vitaly Bigdash looks to keep his winning streak going at ONE: Full Circle

Vitaly Bigdash could inspire his son to follow his path by doing what he has been doing recently, racking up wins in the Circle. At ONE: Full Circle, the Russian warrior will get a chance to extend his current streak to three.

After almost five years, Bigdash will meet Aung La N Sang in the most anticipated trilogy of the past decade to decide the winner of their storied rivalry. For the first time, they will not be battling for a world title. However, the stakes remain high.

Both men are trying to claw their way back to the top of the division. A win could propel one of them to a world title challenge against the winner of the Reinier de Ridder-Kiamrian Abbasov clash in the main event.

Regaining the world title is certainly a goal Vitaly Bigdash will look to achieve, as it will make him an even bigger hero to his son.

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