Watch: Rob Font's coach Michael Perry narrates his fight against cancer in emotional UFC tribute video

UFC fighter Rob Font and strength and conditioning coach Michael Perry. [@UFC via YouTube]
UFC fighter Rob Font and strength and conditioning coach Michael Perry. [@UFC via YouTube]

Rob Font's strength and conditioning coach Michael Perry recapped his grueling battle with cancer in a YouTube video posted by the UFC.

A few days before his 41st birthday, Perry was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer.

Needless to say Michael Perry, like any other family man in the world, was worried about his two young sons and his wife.

Perry also revealed that Rob Font was the first person he called when he was diagnosed with colon cancer.

"Over the last couple of years, I started to develop a stomach pain," said Michael Perry in thd YouTube video. "I knew that maybe they would find something maybe it was Crohn's or ulcerative colitis or some sort of GI type of issue, I never in a million years thought I would have been diagnosed with colon cancer... I thought to myself what's going to happen to my two boys... and my wife... Rob was actually one of the first people that I called and he was just silent and he was like, 'you got this', whatever you need, we got your back."

Watch the full video below:

Perry continued to train Rob Font throughout his battle with cancer, and stayed focused on helping as many people as possible.

Michael Perry eventually succeeded in fully recovering from cancer, and received the final call that he was fully cancer-free.

Michael Perry claims it is harder to live after recovering from cancer; says the psychological battles are endless

Michael Perry put out a statement on Instagram after defeating cancer. The strength and conditioning coach revealed that it was harder to live after recovering from cancer, as much as it was while battling the disease.

Michael Perry further explained that every cancer survivor struggles with endless psychological battles and dilemmas. He explained that other goals in life become insignificant after beating the monstrous disease.

He said:

"So what happens after you beat cancer? It's just as hard, maybe even harder...crazy but it's true. Imagine accomplishing a goal that seemed impossible. Once you achieve that goal, the other goals in your life seem insignificant...If you are currently battling cancer, keep fighting. If you recently beat cancer, The fight is not over and there will be endless psychological battles. . ."

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