“We’ll catch him at a WWE match” - Antonio Brown issues disturbing death threat to Logan Paul over diss track beef

Antonio Brown (left) threatens Logan Paul (right) [Photo Courtesy @finesseframess and @loganpaul on Instagram]
Antonio Brown (left) threatens Logan Paul (right) [Photo Courtesy @finesseframess and @loganpaul on Instagram]

Three years after Logan Paul released an Antonio Brown diss track, the former NFL star gave the WWE star a chilling threat.

While speaking to a YouTuber in the passenger seat of a car, Brown spoke about the old feud with some clearly lingering feelings.

When asked if he would want to box Logan Paul, Antonio Brown said:

"I don't get in the ring, I get in the bed. My boy will kill him. We don't box we just beat the box. My boy [will] shoot him for me... If it's smoke, we just get rid of 'em."

The clip did not relay whether or not Brown, who has been dealing with the law and apparent mental issues since his departure from the NFL, actually intends to hurt Paul.

The former Steeler also asked for a royalty check from the WWE star, claiming that he is responsible for the former YouTuber's biggest video.

The camera continued to pan towards a man standing off to the side, but it is unclear if this is the 'boy' Brown was referring to who would supposedly carry out his desired actions.

Even more disturbing, Brown was asked how he would pull off a crime against a celebrity like Paul, to which he responded:

"We'll catch him at a WWE match."

Brown, 35, is still technically an NFL free agent, though unlikely to return to professional football.

Did Logan Paul ever fight Antonio Brown?

The animosity between Logan Paul and Antonio Brown appeared to be in the past, but it is clear the former Pro Bowl receiver is not over it.

Though Paul and Brown never actually fought, a boxing match between the two was rumored back in 2020 following the YouTuber's diss track release. There was even a face-off between the enemies at the time, but nothing materialized.

A fight between the two is still possible in the future, though Brown made it very clear in the recent video that he is not interested in an organized fight.

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