"I don't know why he doesn't longer it?" - When 'Liver King' Brian Johnson urged Joe Rogan to extend his carnivorous diet  

Joe Rogan (left), Brian Johnson (right) [Images courtesy of @liverking on Instagram]
Joe Rogan (left), Brian Johnson (right) [Images courtesy of @liverking on Instagram]
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UFC commentator Joe Rogan was recently questioned by Brian Johnson on why he doesn't abide by a carnivorous diet for a longer period of time. 'Liver King' was speaking to Logan Paul on the IMPAULSIVE podcast episode #325.

Paul brought Rogan into the conversation. The WWE superstar and YouTuber asked Johnson what he thought about the UFC commentator going on a carnivorous diet for a month each year.

While speaking on the IMPAULSIVE podcast, 'Liver King' said this about Rogan:

"I love it when people are talking about eating carnivorously, I love it when Joe Rogan does his thing. I think Joe Rogan shows a transformation when he does it, I don't know why he doesn't longer."

Watch the full IMPAULSIVE episode below:


Brian Johnson stated that it's "f***king amazing" when podcasters mention carnivorous diets. He also said that promoting the diet is his purpose in life.

'Liver King' believes that what you don't eat is as important as what you do eat and mentioned the Feast and Famine Cycle. The Feast and Famine Cycle is a diet where you only intake 25% of your calories on "Famine days" but remain free to eat on "Feast days."

Johnson also mentioned a previous JRE podcast episode that featured Dr. Paul Saladino, otherwise known as "Carnivore MD." Saladino was on episode #1551 of the JRE and promoted the carnivorous diet.

Rogan is never shy about trying new things, whether that's experimenting with recreational drugs or trying out new diets. The podcaster also brings a big audience to these things, which benefits people like 'Liver King' and Dr. Saladino too.

Joe Rogan and Gina Carano discuss "fat-shaming" culture

While speaking to Gina Carano on one of the latest JRE podcast episode, Joe Rogan and his guest discussed "fat-shaming" and how it affects individuals. The UFC commentator doesn't understand why it's not acceptable to comment on people's weight anymore. Carano agreed to the same.

The former UFC fighter stated that her family often make personal comments about her appearance, but that doesn't affect Carano. While speaking on the subject, Rogan said this to Carano on the JRE podcast:

"It's a weird time today where you're not supposed to do that anymore. They want you to preserve people's feelings now. Fat-shaming only works if you feel bad... You can't fat shame me. I'd be like, 'Oh, I'm fat? Ok."

Watch the full clip here:

“My family doesn’t pull any punches either and I’m okay with that”.Joe Rogan and @ginacarano discuss the positive side effects of fat shaming the people you care about.

Rogan went on to say that "fat-shaming" only works if you have an issue with your weight and that it wouldn't work on him. The podcaster stated that sometimes, people will make these comments because they care about you. However, the UFC commentator did acknowledge that sometimes it's done as a way to be cruel.

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