When Jose Aldo explained his reason for not learning English enough to speak professionally 

UFC bantamweight Jose Aldo poses for pictures after his training at Rio de Janeiro
UFC bantamweight Jose Aldo poses for pictures after his training at Rio de Janeiro
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In a 2016 interview with MMA Fighting, former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo was quizzed on whether he was planning to improve his English as some other Brazilian fighters did.

Aldo responded stating that the reason his English hasn't improved unlike other fighters was because he never intended to immigrate to the US. The Brazilian also added that he was extremely patriotic about his country and his native language:

"First of all, those particular fighters live in the U.S. and they all wanted to live in the U.S. When they started learning English, there was a secondary objective there, which was to establish their family and lives in the United States. That's an objective I've never shared. I would never leave Brazil...I'm very patriotic about Brazil, my country, and that includes my language."

However, the Brazilian further clarified that he was learning as much English as he could. The former champion stated that he was able to understand the language much better than he used to.

Jose Aldo taking English lessons 😍🤩 we love a bilingual king

Aldo added that Portuguese was the language of his heart. He said that it was in Portuguese that he was able to express himself the best and as such preferred to use it for professional communication:

"In professional terms, I prefer Portuguese. Portuguese is the language of my heart, it's the language of my feelings. It's the language that I feel I can express myself best in."

Jose Aldo speaking english for UFC 276 picks

There have been rare instances where the former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has spoken in English. In a recent video, Aldo spoke perfect english while laying down his picks for UFC 276.

The champion chose Israel Adesanya, Alex Pereira and Max Holloway to emerge victorious. The Brazilian’s exact words were:

"Hey guys, it's ambassador Jose Aldo here. My picks for UFC 276 are Pereira, Holloway and Adesanya."
Jose Aldo speaking English for 30 seconds & making his picks for UFC 276. If you use his picks on @Stake, they’ll double your…

There have also been other rare instances where the Brazilian spoke English. In his UFC 200 post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, Aldo stringed together a few sentences in English to thank his coach for leading him to yet another UFC gold.

Watch Jose Aldo speak English at UFC 200:


The 35-year-old is currently on a three-fight win streak in the UFC, having taken out Rob Font in his last outing at UFC Vegas 44. He is currently ranked No.3 in the bantamweight division.

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