Where does the viral Joe Rogan, D.C., and Jon Anik meme come from? Throwback to the fight that made the UFC desk lose their mind

Daniel Cormier, Joe Rogan and Jon Anik [Image credits: @TheSportSocial on Twitter]
Daniel Cormier, Joe Rogan and Jon Anik [Image credits: @TheSportSocial on Twitter]

The UFC commentary team consisting of Daniel Cormier, Jon Anik, and Joe Rogan undoubtedly holds a special place in the hearts of all MMA fans. The famous trio is considered among the best in the business and has delivered many memorable moments while sitting cage-side during UFC events.

The three commentators share a unique chemistry with each other, which often results in fans getting to witness some iconic and hilarious reactions from them during fights. With the UFC putting on exciting fights almost every weekend, there's no dearth of such moments.

While there are numerous examples of Joe Rogan and his desk-mates expressing their shock and awe at unexpected finishes or knockouts, one of the funniest moments, which also went viral online as a meme, was during the Beneil Dariush vs. Drakkar Klose lightweight contest at UFC 248 in March 2020.

While Dariush desperately tried to secure a submission in the opening round, the second round is where the action really got going. Both fighters stood up and threw haymakers at each other while going around the cage. The Iranian-born American then landed a brutal left hand that violently ended the fight.

When Drakkar Klose hit the canvas, Daniel Cormier, Jon Anik, and Joe Rogan delivered an all-time reaction as they animatedly gasped for air while struggling to contain their excitement to see the stunning knockout.

Joe Rogan meme: Fans react to hilarious meme of UFC commentator and POTUS Joe Biden

Joe Rogan has been working with the UFC for decades and is widely considered a fan-favorite personality in MMA. Apart from doing his duties as a cage-side commentator, Rogan is also responsible for conducting post-fight octagon interviews.

Over the years, his reputation as a tenacious interviewer who gets his interview no matter what became a viral meme. Following U.S. President Joe Biden's recent fall during the US Air Force Academy graduation ceremony, the meme of Rogan 'interviewing' Biden was promptly recreated.

Rogan shared the hilarious meme on Twitter and fans couldn't help but make more jokes on the matter in the comments section.

One fan referenced the sandbag that caused Biden to trip and jokingly asked:

"Can we have a technical fight breakdown of the sandbag’s moves?

One fan responded with a meme that said:

"Oh he's hurt. He's hurt bad."

Another fan asked:

"I thought you don’t interview the losing opponent after a match?"

One user sarcastically joked:

"I fought hard, the floor fought harder."

Another user joked:

"Sandbag remains undefeated."

One fan stated:

"All I hear is "Joe Rogan interviewing the MF president" in Joey Diaz voice."

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