Why did Tommy Fury back out of Jake Paul fight?

Tommy Fury on Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley undercard
Tommy Fury on Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley undercard

Jake Paul is set to take on former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in a rematch this weekend on December 18th. However, the rematch wasn't always on the cards for 'The Problem Child'. Tyson Fury's younger brother Tommy Fury was initially booked to fight Paul but was forced to withdraw from the fight.

Just two weeks before their highly anticipated grudge match at Amalie Arena, news of Tommy Fury pulling out of the fight broke out. The reason for pulling out of the fight was later revealed in a statement released by Fury.

In an Instagram video released by Tommy Fury, he stated that he was left 'coughing up huge amounts of phlegm all the time' because of a bacterial chest infection. The 22 year-old also revealed that he suffered multiple fractures to his rib and also showed images of his X-rays of the same.

"The results uncovered that I had a clean break on my rib and I had multiple fractures. For the following week I still thought I could fight but then it took the doctor and my whole team to say look you have got a broken rib and multiple fractures you can't fight," said Tommy Fury.

Take a look at the video released by Tommy Fury below:

Will Jake Paul fight Tommy Fury in the future?

Fans around the world were highly anticipating the scheduled Tommy Fury vs. Jake Paul bout. What was set to be the first 'real' test for 'The Problem Child' has just faded into a possible match-up for the future.

However, fans shouldn't keep their hopes high to see Tommy Fury and Jake Paul cross paths anytime soon. While recently speaking to Showtime Boxing, Paul said:

"I don't think a fight will ever happen. I don't wanna give him the opportunity. He had his shot. I'd like to see him have to fight 20 more times to even get the same payday he was gonna get vs me. Sorry Tommy, it's not gonna happen."

Jake Paul doesn't seem too keen on giving Tommy Fury another shot. Fury was in for the biggest pay-day of his life, however, the chance of grabbing a hold of it seems to be gone. It will be interesting to see whether these two ever decide to meet in the squared circle.

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