"You stalk me like a crazed fan" - Eddie Hearn responds to Oscar De La Hoya's remarks on Brit squandering "hundreds of millions"

Eddie Hearn (right) hits back at Oscar De La Hoya (left). [via Getty Images]
Eddie Hearn (right) hits back at Oscar De La Hoya (left). [via Getty Images]

British boxing promoter Eddie Hearn hit back at fellow promoter from across the pond, Oscar De La Hoya, for the latter's comments regarding him.

De La Hoya's fighter, Ryan Garcia, recently upset the Eddie Hearn-managed Devin Haney, allowing De La Hoya some bragging rights. The former champion has spared no opportunity to gloat, and in his latest remarks on Instagram, he urged Hearn to stay away from the boxing scene in the United States.

He also accused Hearn of squandering 'hundreds of millions of dollars':

"Eddie for the sake of British Boxing just stay in the UK and promote, leave the real promoters to the US market where boxing matters. You had your opportunity wasting away hundreds of millions of dollars building nothing in the US."

Hearn countered at De La Hoya for relentlessly targeting him, dismissing the latter's suggestions to stay in the United Kingdom.

He wrote:

"@oscardelahoya genuinely are you ok? You stalk me like a crazed fan. You had a great win on Saturday yet I consume your mind 24/7. Unfortunately for you, I am a global promoter with 18 World Champions (you have 4). I have big plans to work with everyone to grow the sport globally and have some fantastic talent in the US market. Genuinely wish you all the best and hope you can enjoy what you do"

Check out Eddie Hearn and Oscar De La Hoya's interaction in the post below:

Oscar De La Hoya disputes Eddie Hearn's predictions for Devin Haney's comeback

After Devin Haney's shock loss at the hands of Ryan Garcia, his promoter, Eddie Hearn, reached out to him with words of support.

Hearn assured fans that Haney would be back stronger than ever in his future fights after his first career loss but was met with a negative response from Oscar De La Hoya. De La Hoya cited his own experience as a former professional boxer and stated that Haney would be affected by the loss for a while.

He wrote:

''You obviously never laced up the gloves. Just like DonKing and the rest. You don't know what it's like to fight inside a ring. Guess what? I do and that beating will last for a while.''

Check out Hearn and De La Hoya's comments:

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