Youtubers vs. Tiktokers: Who were all the winners of the event?

LiveXLive & Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms Press Conference @ Fred Segal West Hollywood
LiveXLive & Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms Press Conference @ Fred Segal West Hollywood

Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms was a boxing event headlined by Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall. Youtubers and Tiktokkers teed off in Miami to see which platform gets the win. It was a huge success with a massive crowd in attendance and music performances from Migos, DJ Khaled, and Lil Baby.

1. Ryan Johnston (YouTube) vs. Cale Saurage (TikTok)

The event started off really strong as Cale Saurage and Ryan Johntson engaged in a back and forth war. They exchanged blows all fight, but Saurage was the better fighter at the beginning of the fight. He won the first two rounds but gassed out after that.

Johnston started landing more of his shots and finally ended the fight in the fourth round via knockout after knocking Saurage down three times.

2. Landon McBroom (YT) vs. Ben Azelart (TT)

Austin McBroom was fighting in the main event, and his brother Landon was on the preliminary card. He looked every bit of a fighter as he beat Ben Azelart after a dominant performance.

Azelart could only land three punches while McBroom finished the fight via knockout in the second round. The score was now 2-0 for YouTube. It was a dominant performance, similar to Austin McBroom's.

3. Faze Jarvis (YT) vs. Michael Le (TT)

Jarvis is a really popular gamer and has fought in boxing matches before. It was evident here as he outclassed Michael Le on the feet and defended every single shot the TikToker had to throw at him.

The fight was stopped after Jarvis almost knocked Michael Le's head off. Jarvis won the fight making it 3-0 for YouTube.

4. DDG (YT) vs. Nate Wyatt (TT)

DDG didn't let YouTube's winning streak down as he got a unanimous decision victory against Nate Wyatt. DDG won all five rounds, and the judges gave him a few 10-8 rounds to top it off.

The fight itself involved a lot of hugging from Wyatt as he couldn't cope with DDG's charges. Wyatt didn't land many punches of his own, and TikTok was down 4-0 to YouTube.

5. Deji (YT) vs. Vinnie Hacker (TT)

One of the strongest fighters on the card, Deji lost to Jake Paul in his first boxing fight. However, the British YouTuber started this fight well after he won the first round of the fight.

Hacker picked it up in the second and picked up the ante. However, it all went wrong in the third round as Deji was gassed out. He couldn't hold on as Hacker punched away to get TikTok its first winner of the night.

6. AnEsonGib (YT) vs. Taylor Holder (TT)

This was the most controversial fight to this point as British YouTuber AnEsonGIb pounded away at Holder for five straight rounds. He landed 30 more punches, and the entire commentary team was convinced that he had won all five rounds.

Holder tried coming back into the fight multiple times but couldn't do so. However, when it was time for the judges' scorecards, controversy ensued. The result was a majority draw, and neither fighter agreed with it, especially the YouTuber. It laid the way for Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall.

7. Austin McBroom (YT) vs. Bryce Hall (TT)

The main event started off with fireworks as the referee took a point away from Hall in the first round of the fight. Nevertheless, Austin took the first round as McBroom's team trash-talked Hall.

They started swinging away at the start of the second round as Austin McBroom dominated the fight with his quickness. Hall tried to get back into the fight, but McBroom just kept punching away. He won the second round as well.

Austin McBroom won the fight in the third round after he knocked out Bryce Hall, making it a great day for YouTube. The YouTubers won five fights out of seven and underlined their dominance.

Youtubers vs. TikTokers - Results:

Ryan Johnston (YT) def. Cale Saurage (TT)

Landon McBroom (YT) def. Ben Azelart (TT)

Faze Jarvis (YT) def. Michael Le (TT)

Vinnie Hacker (TT) def. Deji (YT)

AnEsonGib (YT) vs.Taylor Holder (TT) - Majority draw

Austin McBroom (YT) def. Bryce Hall (TT)

Edited by Avinash Tewari