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SK Exclusive: Interview with UFC star Alex Volkanovski

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It’s tough to find guys who you can legitimately point to and say ‘that’s a modern-day superhero’, but in this instance, it’s actually true. Australian MMA fighter Alex Volkanovski has burst onto the scene in recent months following his triumph at UFC 221 in Perth, and we here at Sportskeeda were fortunate enough to speak with Alex and learn some more about this featherweight prospect.

The 29-year-old has had a fascinating journey in order to get to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which included giving up on a promising career in rugby league so that he could focus solely on mixed martial arts. It was a risk, but as you can tell just by listening to him, ‘The Great’ Volkanovski isn’t someone who is going to allow others to dictate his own story.

“Even these guys that are marketing themselves as such, they probably aren’t bullies in real life. But they just like to trash talk, and I sort of hate that. Look, I don’t mind people marketing themselves, that’s brilliant, but everyone’s trying to do it. I’m starting to cringe every time I see it now, and those are the guys I want.”

At 17-1 he’s currently riding one of the most impressive win streaks in the entire division right now at thirteen, with four of those triumphs coming in the UFC. His versatility is something that’s been on the show for everyone to see, and while he’s been able to go the distance on multiple occasions throughout his career, Alex’s power shouldn’t be underestimated.

This is a man who has a clear focus and goal as he continues to progress through his tenure with the company, and he represents one of the many bright stars currently residing Down Under. Sure, 221 was a great card in itself, but the story behind it means so much more for the overall landscape of this sport.

“I want one of these ranked guys. I know there’s a couple of guys who aren’t matched up yet, you’ve got Yair Rodriguez, Doo Ho Choi – they’re guys I’d love to fight. Rodriguez is coming off a big loss and hasn’t fought in like nine months, does he deserve a ranked opponent? I don’t know. Same as Doo Ho Choi. Fight me, and prove to everyone that you deserve to be in the top 10. No disrespect to these guys, but I just believe that I’m gonna be the guy they need to beat.”

Volkanovski isn’t here to play a character like so many other potential contenders in the past, and instead, he just wants to go out there and lay down the law – preferably to the loudmouths currently residing in his weight class.

With his introduction into the limelight Alex has also brought a fresh perspective and attitude, and in a sport that evolves as quickly as MMA does, that’s always fantastic to see.

“I’ll be out there ready for a title shot early next year I reckon. If I get four fights this year, that’s seven wins on the trot if things go to plan. There’s gonna be some big names in there. Be prepared – I’m not a cocky type of fighter, but I feel like I’ve proven I’m a top contender.”

Moving forward we’re still waiting to see when his next venture into the Octagon will take place, but either way, you can bet it’s going to be explosive.

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