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Top 10 brutal UFC fights of the past decade 

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585   //    12 Sep 2019, 11:57 IST

#9 Eddie Alvarez vs Justin Gaehtje

UFC 218: Alvarez v Gaethje
UFC 218: Alvarez v Gaethje

This fight had MMA fans the world over licking their lips the very moment it was announced. Both Justin Gaethje and Eddie Alvarez had built reputations for never backing down; never giving an inch, and for fighting on through thick and thin during their respective careers in other organizations.

It didn't disappoint.

The first round was a complete boxing slug-fest, edged by a marginally-slicker Alvarez. But Gaethje returned dramatically in the second, unloading a barrage of bone-shattering leg kicks that would have ended the night of a less game opponent. The third round saw a war of uppercuts before Alvarez ended the night in style with a KO via a high knee - truly a memorable and violent sporting occasion between two fan-favorites.

#8 Kelvin Gastelum vs Israel Adesanya

UFC 236 Holloway v Poirier 2
UFC 236 Holloway v Poirier 2

This championship fight was one of the ultimate back-and-forth contests of the modern era of MMA, a complete war of attrition.

It seemed Kelvin Gastelum had the power in the early rounds, landing some huge strikes that had Israel Adesanya wobbling, and, at that point, many viewers were waiting for a trademark hook to connect, and for Adesanya to crumble. The former kickboxer had no such plans though, emerging from some difficult moments in the middle rounds, in which Gastelum's superior firepower showed, to turn the tables on his opponent and finally put him away in the fifth, unloading a fusillade of strikes that ended with a bloodied Gastellum on the canvas.

The fight was as entertaining as it was violent, and both men finished up winners in the eyes of fans.