Top 5 fighters with most UFC title fight wins

Fighters spend years of blood, sweat, and tears trying to get their hands on this invaluable piece of UFC gold
Fighters spend years of blood, sweat, and tears trying to get their hands on this invaluable piece of UFC gold
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The UFC belt is the most prestigious title in the MMA world today. Recognized by MMA fans as a symbol of being a world champion, the fighter who holds the UFC title easily becomes the ranked 1 fighter on every list. Over the years multiple fighters across the UFC have not only held titles in one but across multiple weight classes. In the process, some have amassed records in the number of titles they have had, lost and the number of belts they have won. Today we take a closer look at the top 5 fighters with a record number of title fight wins.

5. Randy Couture and Matt Hughes: 9 UFC title fight wins

Matt Hughes (top) and Randy Couture (bottom)
Matt Hughes (top) and Randy Couture (bottom)

Colorful UFC figures, Matt Huges and Randy Couture share the rank 5 with a record of 9 wins each at UFC title fights. Hughes holds the record across two different title reigns in the same division, welterweight. His first reign which lasted from 2001-04 saw him secure a total of 5 defenses making his record in UFC title fight wins go up to 6. He captured the title again later the same year, 2004, and defended the title a total of 2 times, making his total defenses 7 and title fight wins 9. He lost the title in 2006 and never won a UFC title after that.

Randy Couture had a very different path. His reign spans across two weight classes, light-heavyweight and heavyweight division. He won his first title in 2000, which he defended twice taking his record to 3 wins. This was followed by an Interim and three undisputed light-heavyweight title runs increasing his wins to 7. He had his final reign in 2007 when he again won the heavyweight title which he defended once. Taking his final UFC title fight victory tally to 9.

4. Anderson Silva: 11 UFC title fight wins

UFC 234 Adesanya v Silva
UFC 234 Adesanya v Silva

Anderson Silva is widely regarded as the greatest MMA fighter of all time. With a record of 34-10, the Spider is the first champion in the UFC history to secure 10 consecutive title defenses. Silva began his reign in 2006 by defeating Rich Franklin. He then proceeded to go on what is even today defined as the most historic UFC title run.

In his streak, he had amazing matches with Forrest Griffin and Chael Sonnen. He secured some genuinely memorable knockout wins over Nate Marquardt and Vitor Belfort. Silva made sure his fights were entertaining and something that generations will remember. His reign came to a screeching halt when he was knocked out by the then-undefeated Chirs Weidman, in what is regarded as one of the most brutal upsets in modern MMA. He failed to recapture the title. With the addition of his FC defenses, his record is 11 victories in UFC title fights.

3. Demetrious Johnson: 12 UFC title fight wins

UFC 227 Dillashaw v Garbrandt 2 UFC 217: Bisping v St-Pierre
UFC 227 Dillashaw v Garbrandt 2 UFC 217: Bisping v St-Pierre

The smallest and one of the most underappreciated champions of the UFC, Demetrious Johnson comes in at rank 3. Now signed with the ONE FC, Demetrious Johnson went on a warpath after securing a split decision in over Joseph Benavidez in 2012. He in his 11 fight title defense streak managed to break the Anderson Silva record for most consecutive title defenses and took the bar up.

Though not credited Johnson managed to give out some exceptionally memorable performances throughout his reign. Starting from his stunning knockout wins overJoseph Benavidez and Henry Cejudo to his last-minute submissions over Kyoji Hogirichu and Ray Borg. Johnson's UFC reign came to a halt at the hands of former rival Henry Cejudo in what is even today called a debatable decision. He left the UFC for ONE FC after dropping the decision.

2. George St-Pierre: 13 UFC title wins

UFC 217: Bisping v St-Pierre

If there's a fighter who's name is very commonly associated with that of the Greatest of All Time, it is George St-Pierre. His UFC title wins are spread across 4 reigns across two weight classes. His first reign, his shortest came in 2006, where he defeated Matt Hughes to win the welterweight title.

He proceeded to win the interim title next before capturing the Welterweight title again. This was followed by a memorable title run that saw a total of 9 title defenses. He later vacated the belt, thus his record at UFC title fight wins was 12.

He returned in 2017, defeated Michael Bisping to win the UFC middleweight champion, making him a two-weight champion and improving his record to 13 UFC title fight wins. he later vacated the belt and since then hasn't competed. He stands with a decorated record of 26-2.

1. Jon Jones: 14 UFC title wins

UFC 239 Jones v Santos
UFC 239 Jones v Santos

The only fighter in the list to have not lost any title fights, Jon Jones. A record of 26-1(1NC), which includes wins over Daniel Cormier, Vitor Belfort, and Ryan Badder amongst others Jones has easily one of the most decorated and controversial UFC title fight streaks.

He won his first title back in 2011. He proceeded to defend the title 8 times before being stripped of the belt because of a hit and run case. His tally back then was 9 UFC title wins. He proceeded to recapture the interim belt in 2016 before being suspended on accounts of a positive test. He returned and captured the belt in 2017 but was suspended again thus rendering his win as no contest. He finally recaptured the belt in 2018 and since then has had three title defenses. After adding up his interim reign, first reign, and second reign you get a total of 14 UFC title fight wins.

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