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Top 5 opponents for Fedor Emelianenko's possible UFC debut

Adithya Pai
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Fedor is the picture of calm, but strikes really hard

One of the greatest MMA fighters outside the octagon is Fedor Emelianenko. The Last Emperor has a record of a 27 fight win streak that spanned nearly nine years. He is one of the most renowned champions outside the UFC, winning the Pride Heavyweight championship. Though he maintains a calm and cool persona outside the ring, he unleashes vicious strikes and sambo techniques that are hard to counter. 

Fedor has stated that he is close to concluding a deal with the UFC, and one can only hope that it comes to a certainty. But who will the silent killer face if he debuts in the UFC?

Here are the top 5 fighters who are suitable opponents for Fedor’s debut:


Lesnar would love a big match

Almost every hardcore MMA fan wanted this dream fight to happen. 

Brock Lesnar was the UFC champion and Fedor was at the height of his career outside the promotion. Lesnar had topped as the biggest draw in the UFC back then, and so was Fedor outside of it.

The Russian legend was offered a huge paycheck then to sign with the company, which was turned down, indicating multiple issues. However, it appears as if the former Pride Champion is on good terms with the UFC after citing better negotiations this time around.

And if he lands up with a good contract, this dream match might be the first on the plate for the UFC fans to feed on.

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Adithya Pai
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