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Top 5 shocking MMA fighter deaths

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Carvalho was taken to hospital after a fight but died after undergoing emergency brain surgery

The dangers of combat sports are glaring but the actual fatality list is few and far between. Sanctioned MMA bouts happen all over the world under the watchful eyes of different athletic commissions and because MMA is a heavy contact sport, it is rightfully strict in its approach professionally. However, despite the dangers of combat sports being prevalent, all the men on this list were not victims to the sport, but victims to external issues.

Ranging from reckless accidents, post-fight injuries and health problems to substance abuse, this list contains the tragic endings of some of the MMA communities most beloved athletes. Unfortunately, we remember them for the dramatic way they went, but we shouldn't forget how we knew them in the first place.

Here is Sportskeeda’s Top 5 shocking MMA fighter deaths.

#1 Joao Carvalho

The former Portuguese mixed martial arts’ demise is perhaps the most dramatic and terrifying amongst the five on this list. Only a year prior to his tragic death, Carvalho turned pro as an MMA fighter and he held a 1-1 record heading into his fight with Charlie Ward at Total Extreme Fighting 1which would be his last.

The bout was highly publicised not only because of its tragedy, but also because of who was in Ward’s corner supporting him - Conor McGregor. The fight was a one-sided beating from Ward which saw Carvalho lose via TKO in the third round. However, the criticism that surrounded the fight was the referee’s late stoppage which later struck major guilt in all parties involved, including McGregor, when he learned of the fighter’s post-fight injuries and ultimate death.

It was reported that the Portuguese fighter complained of a headache shortly after the fight and began vomiting. He was then rushed to hospital where it was later reported he died two days after the injuries sustained. Although this is a glaring example of the danger of late stoppages in sanctioned MMA events, unfortunate deaths such as Carvalho’s happen very rarely.

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