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5 most stupid MMA fighter nicknames

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These great fighters have some weird nicknames

Nicknames are a treasured aspect of mixed martial arts. They can help lend some real character to the fighters and gives them a chance to attain cult status in the community. Some nicknames are so good, they become part of who a fighter is. Seriously, how many people even call Rumble by his real name? It’s Anthony Johnson, by the way.

All this is well and good when you have a nickname that everybody appreciates. But, what about the other side of the coin? When there are great nicknames, there have to be terrible nicknames to go along with them.

The worst part about bad nicknames is that not only do they makes fighters seem ridiculous, but they also want to stab our ears out every time we hear them come out of Bruce Buffer’s mouth. Ahh, I feel bad for poor ol’ Bruce when he’s forced to utter these cringeworthy names. Anyway, time to get to the good stuff.

So, without further ado, here are the top 5 worst MMA nicknames:

#5 Cody Garbrandt: No Love

I have No Love for this nickname

Cody Garbrandt is undoubtedly a future star in the UFC. The brash young kid from Ohio danced absolute circles around the legend, Dominick Cruz, en route a spectacular victory to capture the UFC Bantamweight Title and continue his undefeated streak in MMA.

For all his success, though, he chose a pretty bad nickname as he elected to go with No Love. How someone this good inside the Octagon can be this bad with names is beyond me, honestly. Well, I might be being a little harsh on the guy as it was apparently his uncle who came up with the moniker.

Legend has it that as a young lad, Garbrandt would show no love to his opponents and sparring partners. Regardless of the rhymes and the reasons, it sucks pretty badly as a nickname.

On the brighter side, though, at least it’s better than his original nickname which was, wait till you hear this, CoGar. So, yes. No Love doesn’t sound too bad now. Well done, Cody’s uncle.

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