Twitter reacts to shocking disqualification of Greg Hardy at UFC Fight Night 143

UFC Fight Night Cejudo v Dillashaw
UFC Fight Night Cejudo v Dillashaw

UFC Fight Night 143: Cejudo vs Dillashaw saw a fight that no one expected to go down the way that it did. It was all going well for Greg Hardy on his debut in the UFC, and he even had control of the bout in the opening moments of his fight against Allen Crowder.

However, soon enough he saw the fight slipping out of his grasp suddenly, as Allen Crowder was in control wearing him down and even taking him down for the first time. Crowder saw excellent results as the worn down Hardy was not even half the force he had been in at the beginning of the fight.

The second round saw Crowder doing even better. He riled up Hardy and got the crowd behind him by trash-talking Hardy with his hands down. He then came out swinging and Hardy had no option other than to beat a hasty retreat.

Finally, extremely frustrated, Hardy was able to defend the Crowder charge. Crowder went down on his two knees, and suddenly inexplicably, Hardy brought up his knee hitting Crowder viciously right across the temple. As if that was not enough, Hardy followed it up by not backing down immediately.

The moment it happened!
The moment it happened!

The referee pushed him back saying that if Crowder could not get up then the fight would end in disqualification, and that's exactly what happened as Crowder could not continue after that illegal knee to his head when both his knees were firmly on the mat.

With one raise of his leg, Hardy managed to end up getting disqualified and handed Crowder the victory. What was more, Hardy ended up tarnishing his legacy, possibly forever, in his UFC debut. With the past he has, it may happen that the fans never forgive him for this mistake.

Twitter exploded with reactions when the fight was over. Here are some of the best reactions

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