UFC 140: What happened when Frank Mir clashed with "Big Nog" for a second time?

Frank Mir becomes the first man to submit
Frank Mir becomes the first man to submit "Big Nog"

UFC 140 took place on December 10, 2011 and was a stacked card from top to bottom.

Frank Mir versus Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 2 was every bit as anticipated as their first encounter. Like the first bout, it also had a decisive winner.

Once again it was Mir. Although Nogueira staggered him early with a well-timed punch and came close to forcing a submission, Mir rallied to escape the mount and apply a tight kimura lock on "Big Nog's" right arm. One sickening break of that same arm gave Mir the technical submission. Only after his arm was broken did the Brazilian submit. Wow. What a finish. With that victory, Mir became the first man to knock out and submit Nogueira. What a distinction to have.

The headliner saw Jon Jones defend the Light-Heavyweight Championship versus Lyoto Machida. The fight saw history made as Jones became the first fighter in history to submit the legendary Brazilian. The contest was fairly even in the easy-going although Jones was clearly the aggressor. In the second round, Jones opened up a nasty looking cut on Machida's forehead. Smelling blood, the champion smashed Machida with a hard punch and locked in a guillotine choke for the submission win. Still your Light-Heavyweight Champion: Jon Jones.

Jon Jones defeats Lyoto Machida to retain the Light-Heavyweight belt
Jon Jones defeats Lyoto Machida to retain the Light-Heavyweight belt

Tito Ortiz tried to turn back the clock back versus Antonio Rogerio Nogueira but only succeeded in demonstrating why he had won once in his past eight fights. Ortiz attacked, trying to end the bout early but Nogueira soon reversed the momentum, dropping Ortiz with a knee to the body and finishing him off with punches.

Brian Ebersole defeated Claude Patrick in a snooze fest that saw the fight largely contested in the clinch. There was very little to separate the two men which is why the judges decided upon a Split Decision. The win was awarded to Ebersole. However, the fight was so boring that it is difficult to believe that there were any winners.

The main card opener saw Chan Sung Yung knock out Mark Hominick in just seven seconds. The bout saw throw Hominick miss the mark with a left hand that allowed Yung to connect with a big time right. That was all she wrote.

UFC 140 was a stacked card on paper and delivered plenty of excitement on the night. It was a success at the box office too, pulling in around 480,000 buys.

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