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India Exclusive: UFC 187 - International Media Conference call

Ratish Menon
1.50K   //    15 May 2015, 11:34 IST
UFC 187 happens Live on Saturday, May 23


Moderator: Dave Sholler

May 13, 2015

4:00 pm CT

Operator:  Good day and welcome to the UFC 187 Conference Call. Today’s conference is being recorded. At this time, I’d like to turn the conference over to Dave Sholler. Please go ahead, sir.

Dave Sholler:  Thank you (Melissa). Hello everyone and welcome to the UFC 187 Media Conference Call. UFC 187 takes place Saturday, May 23 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas live on Pay-per-View, 10pm in the East, 7pm in the West.

We will get right to things. We have both the main and co-main event on the line. We have Anthony Johnson and Daniel Cormier as well as Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort. (Melissa), let’s go ahead and open up for questions.

Operator:  Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, to ask a question at this time please press star 1 on your telephone keypad. If you’re on a speakerphone, please make sure you pick up your handset before pressing the corresponding digits. Once again, that’s star 1 for any questions at this time, and we’ll pause for a moment to allow everyone the opportunity to signal for a question.

And our first question will come from (Kel Dansby) with Black Sports Online.


(Kel Dansby):  Hi. The first question is for Daniel. Daniel, how do you feel getting a shot at the title again so soon and what can you take from your last fight against Jon that’ll really help you this time around?

Daniel Cormier:  Well, I’m excited. I’m excited to be getting the title shot so fast. Obviously, any time you get a chance to fight for UFC championship, it’s a special deal. What will I take from the Jon fight? This experience - there are some things that I did wrong in the fight and actually in training camp that I think I’ve corrected, and I think it gives me a better chance at winning this fight. I didn’t have my best fight on January 3. I plan on having my best fight on May 23.

(Kel Dansby):  Thank you. Chris, how do you feel coming back from the injuries? Do you feel like this time was similar to the last time where you could just get back in there without rust? Or do you feel like it’ll take a little bit longer this time to come back and get back to your normal self?

Chris Weidman:  No, I feel - I mean, we’re in a tough sport, we’re always coming back from injuries, so it’s just like my wrestling background. You get hurt and you become stronger from it, and obviously I hurt my ribs. And it wasn’t - they healed pretty well. It healed fast and I’ve had no issues in training again with the ribs. So no, I’m not worried about any ring rust or any type of - no worries about my ribs at all. So all good.

(Kel Dansby):  Thank you. Last question -- Anthony, are you a little bit disappointed that your fight isn’t against Jon and that if you win there might be an asterisk or they’ll say Jon is the best in the division?

Anthony Johnson:  Yes and no. Jon, in my eyes, is still the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world and our weight class. Everybody wants to defend our weight class - wants to be able to say I competed against the best and I fought the champ. And that’s what - that’s the part that’s disappointing because he’s not around right now.

But the part that’s not disappointing is that I get to fight another elite athlete, a guy who in my opinion is actually a tougher fight for me than Jon Jones because we got - we see the grinder; you know what I’m saying? He brings it and this is a second chance so I know he’s going to bring it even more. So this is - I think is a good thing for everybody at the end of the day because you have two guys that are hungry to get the belt. That’s what it’s about.

(Kel Dansby):  Alright, thank you. Thank you guys and look forward to seeing you fight next week.

Operator:  And our next question will come from (Damon Martin) from Fox Sports.

(Damon Martin):  Hey guys. First question is for Chris Weidman. Chris, with this fight finally happening, everything that’s gone on form the drug testing to the injuries and everything else that’s happened -- was there ever a point where you were kind of wondering if this fight was ever going to happen.

Chris Weidman:  Probably at some point - the point where they almost did an interim title and maybe possibly fight someone else. But there was probably some thought to that, but he’s a guy who is on a three-fight winning streak. He’s never looked better. People, I think, are forgetting about that because he’s been out for so long. And I’m prepared for the best Vitor we’ve ever seen and I knew at some point we would have to face each other. It’s inevitable.

(Damon Martin):  Yes. What were your thoughts when they - I don’t’ know that I ever heard about the interim title thing. How did that sit in your mind when that was introduced and did you have any input to say, hey, I’m going to be back and there’s really no point to doing an interim title?

Chris Weidman:  Yes, that’s pretty much - yes. (Lorenzo) and (Dana) they mentioned to me on the phone that - I was kind of caught off guard with it because - and I started thinking what does it really matter if they do an interim? I understand business-wise they’ve got to sell a fight, but then what if one of those guys get hurt? When am I going to be able to fight again? I don’t want to wait too long.

So that was the biggest issue because I was going to be ready to fight in May, and if they have another fight that happens in May then when are they going to be really able to have me fight for the title? So I’m just happy everything played out the way it played out because it gives me an opportunity to stay in the fight and keep fighting and making that money.

(Damon Martin):  And a question for Vitor -- kind of the same thing. Was it discouraging at all with the delays and the time off you’ve had to take? It’s been a long time since you’ve been able to fight. How have you been able to adjust to that and deal with that as you go into this fight?

Vitor Belfort:  I think it was just training and keeping your mind focused on what you can do. Nothing you can or cannot do. So I was focusing on what I can do and just evolving my craft just get better every day.

(Damon Martin):  If the fight would have happened a year ago or when it was first scheduled, Vitor, do you think it would have been any different how this fight’s going to play out? Or do you feel like it is going to be very much the same fight now that it would have been as you got to fight Chris a year ago or whenever it was first scheduled?

Vitor Belfort:  You know, should’ve, could’ve, ifs, and all that -- that’s not in my vocabulary. I just deal with the facts and what’s in front of me, and I know there’s going to be the fight in middleweight championship fight that I’m looking for. So I’m very excited.

(Damon Martin):  And a quick question for DC and AJ - I talked to both of you guys right after the fight was made. Now that it’s been a couple weeks, I do want to ask your opinion now that we’ve heard a little bit more come out and as manager talking.

I’ll go with you first, DC. Do you believe Jon Jones is going to come back? And a second part to that question -- does it matter if Jon Jones ever comes back, in your opinion?

Daniel Cormier:  Well, I think he will. I think he’ll be back. This is what he does. Jon Jones is a fighter and I don’t think he’d want to walk away from this sport. Under the circumstances, for everything that he’s done positive in this sport, to walk away under this black cloud - it would be unfortunate, so I do believe he’ll come back. But me, personally, do I care if he comes back? I would love to fight him again, but it’s truly his decision. It’s not - I’m not going to beg him to come back. He comes back if he wants to.

(Damon Martin):  Yes. Same question for you, AJ. In your opinion, now that this has had a couple weeks to play out, do you believe he’ll come back and do you personally care if he comes back?

Anthony Johnson:  DC answered it perfectly. You know what I’m saying? I have the exact same feelings as DC has, honestly.

(Damon Martin):  Awesome. Thanks guys.

Operator:  And now we’ll go to (Ron Kruck) with Inside MMA.

(Ron Kruck):  Hey guys. Thanks for the time. First question to Anthony Johnson. Anthony, I thought that was an interesting point that you just said that you feel that Daniel Cormier is a much tougher fight for you. You mentioned he’s a grinder, but can you give us some more details on why he is a more difficult opponent than Jon Jones?

Anthony Johnson:  Right now I feel that he’s just more difficult because, once again -- I’ve said it before -- this is his second opportunity at a title shot. So he’s going to bring everything that he can bring to win that title. He missed - people get second chances in life and this is his second chance, just like it’s my second chance in life when I returned to the UFC.

And you see what has happened so far as far as me, you know what I mean? Starting from the bottom and basically working my way to the top. Well, DC was already at the top and he didn’t get to reach his goal that he was set out to reach with the title shot against Jon. Now he has another chance and it’s just going to be a tougher fight. I expect that. I know that and I know I’m a wrestler at heart and Danny’s a wrestler at heart. So I know what it takes to be at this level, and when you get a chance you’ve got to definitely hop on it.

So we’re a little crazy because we are wrestlers, so it’s just going to be one of those fights that is just - I assume an all-out war, you know what I mean? And you get to see everything. And Daniel has power. He has speed, good technique. His wrestling is top-notch. Nobody can deny that, know what I mean?

And I just think, for me, that’s great and for him that’s great. To me, he’s just going to be a tougher opponent. He might be shorter than me but the dude packs a lot of power, you know what I’m saying? And Jon isn’t known for packing power. He’s known for doing crazy kicks and using his range and his reach or whatever you want to call it -- stuff like that. DC is just that guy and I truly believe that. So to me that just makes for more of a difficult fight, but that’s what I look forward to.

(Ron Kruck):  Great insight. I appreciate that. How much have you and your coaches had to change your strategy now that you’re preparing for Cormier?

Anthony Johnson:  Well, I went from six foot and above to six foot and under to train.

(Ron Kruck):  Right.

Anthony Johnson:  But we still have our guys in there. We still have the wrestlers. We still have the strikers. We still have the ground guys. So it hasn’t really been much of a change. I had to sharpen up some extra tools and that’s it. When I fight, I really don’t come up with a game plan. I kind of just take whatever they give me. If they leave something open, trust me I’m going to take it. That’s how I’ve always been.  So, not much of it changed. Everything’s still pretty basic and simple.

(Ron Kruck):  Great. And finally a quick question from champ Chris Weidman. Chris, as you’re preparing for your fourth straight Brazilian and the veteran in Vitor Belfort, what do you feel is going to be some of the keys to you successfully defending your title?

Chris Weidman:  Just like any other fight. I’ve got to go out there and win. I’ve got to outsmart him. It’s a physical game of chess and when he thinks I’m going to do something, I’ve got to do the opposite. It really comes down to who’s going to be trickier and win that match. So that’s really what it’s going to come down to.

(Ron kruck):  Thanks guys.

Operator:  And next we’ll go to (Jordy Mackleroy) with Bleacher Report.

(Jordy McElroy):  Hey guys. This one’s for Rumble and DC. In previous interviews, you both have touched on the fact that this fight coming together isn’t anyone’s fault. So does it kind of annoy you to have to keep defending the fact that you both are fighting for the real UFC title?

Daniel Cormier:   Well, you know what? It’s just like - it’s just that down - he casts such a big shadow on the division. So any time this weight class is going to be discussed, there’s going to be some mention of Jon Jones. So it’s expected. Obviously for me, I wasn’t scheduled to fight for the championship. Anthony was scheduled to fight for the belt. He’s obviously just getting exactly what he was promised when he beat Alexander Gustafsson in January.

So if anybody should be asking the question about whether or not the belt is real, it should be me because I just fought for it and lost. He’s only getting exactly what he was promised after he earned the title shot in January. It’s not his fault that something happened to his opponent outside of the octagon that was so big that it couldn’t - the fight couldn’t go forward.

So it’s not annoying for me because it’s expected. For Anthony - if I was Anthony, I’d be a little annoyed because I’m only fighting for what I was promised when I beat the number one guy in the division in January.

Anthony Johnson:  As far as me, it does get a little annoying because it’s like people aren’t showing the respect Daniel and I deserve. It’s like they - it’s almost like they see us like some chumps or something like that, you know what I mean? Once again, we didn’t make John do what he did. That was his own doing.

But we’re athletes. We are top of the food chain right now and it is what it is, so it does get kind of aggravating when people want to say, “Oh yes, you’re the paper champ” -- things like that. But in my eyes and in my heart, whoever wins this title isn’t the paper champ. We are the absolute champion of the weight class. We’re the number one. We’re the best.

So it can get aggravating, but at the same time I’m also telling myself -- you know what? People are going to say whatever they want to say regardless of the outcome. So you know what? Just keep moving forward and just keep doing my best. And just keep it moving. I try not to pay attention to it but it does get aggravating.

(Jordy McElroy):  I’ve got one more question for Anthony. Anthony, you’re a guy that’s shown flashes of talent throughout your UFC run but now it seems like you’ve really reached your full potential. What do you feel is key for you getting over that earlier hump and getting to this point?

Anthony Johnson:  Maturity. I had to mature. I had to reevaluate some things and get my act together. As soon as I did that, everything started paying off. And now I am where I am.

(Jordy McElroy):  Thank you guys. Looking forward to the fight.

Operator:  Our next question will come from (Jessica Gomez) with Brazilian News.

(Jessica Gomez):  Hi guys. My first question is for Anthony. Anthony, of course, this is a big event for the Blackzilians when Vitor preparing for a title fight. How is this for the team to prepare for two title fights and how has it been for you having beat Vitor as a rival in 2012 and now him being your teammate?

Anthony Johnson:  Right now it’s a special moment for the Blackzilians. We have - of course it’s like you said. We have two guys fighting for a title and on the same night. So that itself is just something very special to me and to the team and to Vitor. The vibe in the gym is good. We’re training hard. We’re focused and we’re ready.

And as far as fighting Vitor in the past and losing to him, having him as a rival or whatever you want to call it, and not having him as a teammate -- it’s been an honor. We work together. We communicate really well. We’re always pushing each other. Vitor is an awesome guy and I look up to him, honestly. I’m just living in the moment and cherishing it.

(Jessica Gomez):  Now both for you and Daniel, who do you guys think - I’m sorry. Do you think if Jon Jones gets his things resolved - do you guys think that he should get an immediate title shot if he comes back?

Daniel Cormier:  I do. I believe he should. Any time you rule a division as John has for as long as he did, when he comes back he should get a title shot immediately. I think it does depend on the time. If he’s gone for a really long time, is he really going to want to fight for the belt right away, or will he want to take a tune-up fight first? So I think you leave it up to him.

(Jessica Gomez):  Anthony, same question.

Anthony Johnson:  I absolutely agree with Daniel. It depends on how long he’s out. He might want that tune-up fight, but if he’s out for -- I don’t know -- six months, less than a year, I think he does deserve a title shot right away.

(Jessica Gomez):  And my last question is only for Vitor. Vitor, both you and Chris are really well-rounded fighters, really complete fighters. What do you think is your biggest technical advantage over him?

Vitor Belfort:  Just the moment - seize the moment. I think it’s going to be living the moment and enjoy what you do. That’s the way to fight. That’s the way I think I evolved doing this season of nineteen years of this sport. Just understand that everything is the moment. You’ve got to just enjoy and seize the moment and take it.

(Jessica Gomez):  Thank you guys. Looking forward for the fight.

Operator:  And once again ladies and gentlemen, to ask a question at this time please press star one now. Our next question will come from (Ken Pishna) with

(Ken Pishna):  Hey guys. Thanks for time. Vitor, your -you’ve had a long layoff before this fight and you navigated the TRT era; and right or wrong, you became the poster boy for that. And then also, you’ve had to wait through some various injuries and other delays to the fight. How have you looked back on your time of being about a year and a half or so since you last fought? Has that been a positive time for you? A negative time? How do you look back at that time off and how did you maintain your focus to stay prepared for this fight with so many delays?

Vitor Belfort:  So the way I look at life is like a cancelled check. Tomorrow isn’t promised but today’s cash on hand. And I’ve been doing this for so long. Nineteen years ago I was become champion in UC on the tournament. I feel that’s the way - in life you’ve got to take the good and the bad. And it’s just how you live and how you face trials and things that - I believe they all make you stronger. It’s just a matter of choice. So I’m blessed right now.

(Ken Pishna):  So even all of those - the delays and having to go through the TRT battles and stuff -- you don’t see that as negative things as far as you emerge from that? You see it as taking a negative and turning it into a positive?

Vitor Belfort:  Yes, that’s what it is. It’s just depending how you take it. It’s all about perspective, what lens you’re going to be looking at. It depends. You’ve got the haters, people that - but that’s life. No one kicks like a dog that is down so it’s like that’s the kind of thing in Brazil. I don’t know what it means in English. But I’ve been here before and I’m blessed to be here. How many guys from my era are still around? So I’m very blessed. That’s the word, blessed and joy.

(Ken Pishna):  And Chris, kind of along the same lines, it’s been a long time since this fight was being put together a year and a half or so ago. And you’ve had one fight in that time and came out looking really good, but then you’ve had to deal with some injuries and stuff. How has this year and a half or so been for you? Has Vitor always been kind of in the back of your mind? How have you stayed focused on this fight?

Chris Weidman:  No, Vitor has definitely always been in the back of my mind just as it all started going down. I knew this fight was going to happen, but with this time off I think life is all about self-improvement and just creating a better you. And that’s what I’ve been working on, to become a better family man, become closer to God, physically.

I feel like we’re all infants in this game of mixed martial arts and just trying to get better at every single aspect. Trying to be the best in the world and to get to the best in the world of wrestling, the best in the world of boxing; and able to put it all together. So there’s just so much for us to learn every single day. So that’s really what - I’ve just been focused on self-improvement in every single aspect of life.

(Ken Pishna):  Alright, cool. Thanks guys. I appreciate your time.

Operator:  and next we’ll take a question from (Steven Muelhausen) from (

(Steven Muelhausen):  Thank you guys for your time today, and I’ll start with Vitor. Just looking at the whole time off about a year and a half since you’ll be entering the cage coming up next weekend; did you ever think that you would still get the opportunity considering the long lay out?

Vitor Belfort:  Yes to have an opportunity.

(Steven Muelhausen):  Did you think the title would still be there for you considering the long lay out, considering all the new contenders at 185?

Vitor Belfort:  Sure. I’m very positive. I’ve got a choice -- either I want to see positive or negative. So it’s just positive.

(Steven Muelhausen):  What do you make of the weight class? Since you have been gone, a lot of new contenders have emerged like (Luke Rockhold). What do you make of the new rise of contenders in the weight class?

Vitor Belfort:  I’m focused on fighting next week so I’m not thinking about anything else. I’m focusing on Chris Weidman so I don’t have nothing on my mind besides fighting next weekend.

(Steven Muelhausen):  And Chris, I know you’ve really been - you’ve been a really staunch - you’ve been really on Vitor about everything that has gone on with him in his personal life with TRT and et cetera. Did you think -- A -- he’s still deserving of this title? Did you think that this fight would even occur considering everything that has gone on with him personally?

Chris Weidman:  What was the last question?

(Steven Muelhausen):  Did you think that considering everything that happened with him personally with the TRT - do you think that he deserves this title opportunity?

Chris Weidman:  Yes, I think he deserves it. You watched his last two fights. He knocked out three different studs - three top guys in the world. And then he went through everything he went through, took all his time off. People have started to forget about that, but no, he deserves it. He’s a very dangerous opponent and I’m prepared for that.

Operator:  Our next question will come from (Dave Deibert) from Post Media News.

(Dave Deibert):  Hi. Thanks you guys. Quick one for Daniel. I apologize if this has been asked already. I’m just jumping back on. But you competed at the Olympics, fought five-round fights before; but specifically looking at a UFC title shot, having been through it once already - once now, is there anything that you take from that first title fight that maybe was unexpected, looking back on it? Anything that you take going into it for a second time?

Daniel Cormier:  The first time the buildup was insane with all the stuff that Jon and I went through and fighting at that press conference and stuff. The buildup was insane and it wore on me. And I was so emotionally attached to that promotion and that fight that I think at a point the energy was just drained out of me.

This time feels good. This isn’t the first time I’ve trained or fought a five-round fight. I’ve had two training camps with Josh Barnett while I was training for five rounds. I broke my hand and the fight got pushed back once. And then I trained five rounds and fought him. Then I trained five rounds twice against Jones. And then I was training for (Ryan Bader) five rounds.

So five rounds makes the fight tougher, but as you said, I’ve been here. I’ve fought at the top of the sport against Jones, against Barnett, and some of the best guys in the world. But if anything surprises me it’s how emotionally attached I was to that fight against Jones.

Do I take anything from it? Yes, I take that I went and fought the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world and left the octagon with - I was healthy. I left the octagon without taking much damage. I didn’t get cut up like most guys he fought. I wasn’t bleeding. I think I may have had a bloody nose and that was pretty much the extent of my injuries after twenty-five minutes of fighting Jones.

(Dave Deibert):  Did you recognize how emotional you were while all the buildup was going on? Or is that something when you’re in the middle of it you might not see it, but looking back...

Daniel Cormier:  Yes.

(Dave Deibert):  You’re like - wow.

Daniel Cormier:  You know what? I didn’t. and looking back at the whole thing from the press conference to Jon and I trying to fight inside the MGM in that corridor, the press conference we pushed at each other - and just feeling myself inside of the octagon that night and that dump - that it was finally happening and then having that dump. It was like - wow.

As much as it sucked to lose, I thought that after that fight I would be separated from him and it was almost like a weight lifted off of my shoulder to not have to be consumed with Jon Jones for - it had consumed my life. So looking back, I could tell how emotionally involved I was.

This time feels good because I like Rumble. I think he’s a great guy. I’ve known Rumble Johnson since 2000 when he used to help do wrestling camps in Reno, Nevada for Oklahoma State. So he’s a good guy and there’s no emotions. There’s no “I hate this guy.” So more than anything it was afterwards, when I looked back on the fight and the buildup and the promotion, I was like, man, that was just - that was hard. It was very tough.

(Dave Deibert):  Alright, thanks Daniel. Appreciate it.

Daniel Cormier:  No problem.

Operator:  And our final question today comes from (Kendrick Johnson) from Source Magazine.

(Kendrick Johnson):  Hi guys. Thanks for your time. This question is for Chris. Chris, do you feel like you have to beat Vitor dominantly to let everybody know that you’re over the injuries and that you’re still the king of the 185 division? Or do you think you just want to get the win?

Chris Weidman:  No. My goal every time is to separate myself in the division and make a statement for the world, prove to myself where I think my abilities are, prove to my coaches what they think. So I’m coming to this fight to make a statement. I’m doing this fight to look for a finish.

(Kendrick Johnson):  And what are we going to see because every time we see you in the octagon, you add more to it. Last time you beat (Lyoto Machida) at his own game. Do you have any special plans for Vitor? He’s been in the game so long, it’s like there’s nothing he hasn’t seen before.

Chris Weidman:  Yes. We’ve been - I’ve been off now for a while. I’ve worked a lot of different new techniques. I have a lot of new magic tricks to bring to the game and I’m excited to be comfortable enough to do it in the octagon. I’m doing sparring, doing practice; and to be able to bring yourself to another level to do it in a fight in front of millions of people one of the last of the line because you know the story. That’s how you grow. So I’m looking forward to coming to this fight to grow as a fighter.

(Kendrick Johnson):  Good luck. And my last question is for both Anthony and Daniel. Do both of you feel - you all both talked about the shadow that John casts on the division. Whoever wins, do you feel that you have to fight to legitimize your title range or for public perception?

Daniel Cormier:  Not necessarily. I think you have to win the fight.

Anthony and I are the two guys that are fighting for this belt and realistically it should be fighting for the belt. Anthony has blasted everybody he’s fought and I only lost one fight to the number one guy in the world. So we are where we’re supposed to be.

But would it help to beat Jones? Yes, but under the circumstances I’m not sure it would do that much to change public perception because I believe people believe what they want to believe and it doesn’t matter what you do.

(Kendrick Johnson):  Same question for you, AJ.

Anthony Johnson:  Once again, I agree with DC. He’s hitting the nail on top of the head. So people are going to believe what they want to believe. They’re going to say what they want to say. They’re going to think what they want to think. At the end of the day, I’m going to just do me. I don’t care. Whatever happens, happens. I really have no feelings about it, I guess. That’s just how I am right now because I’m so focused on the fight. I really don’t have time to even think about anything like that.

(Kendrick Johnson):  Alright. Good luck.

Daniel Cormier:  The problem that we have with that is that we try to - people try - athletes try to appease people and try to make people think what they want them or feel how they want them to feel about them. And that’s where you make mistakes. That’s where you lose yourself.

I think that the name of the game is being true to who you are and some people are going to accept it and some people aren’t. It doesn’t matter who wins this belt next weekend. People will say whatever they want. The idea - the thing for me and Anthony to do is hold that belt proud - high and be proud of the accomplishment that we will achieve next weekend because there are so many people in the world that will never, ever reach that level.

(Kendrick Johnson):  Much respect to both of you all. Look forward to seeing a good show next weekend.

Daniel Cormier:  Thank you.

Operator:  And at this time, I’d like to turn the conference back over to Dave Sholler for closing remarks.

Dave Sholler:  Thanks (Melissa) and thank you all for joining today’s call. Before we wrap up, I want to say thank you to Anthony, Daniel, Chris, and Vitor and run you all through the media schedule for next week.

Next Wednesday, UFC 187 fight week kicks off with open workouts. That’s on the MGM Grand Casino floor right next to the Race and Sports book. It starts 1:00 and features our co-main and main event competitors.

On Thursday, we have Ultimate Media Day. That is at 1:00. That features Johnson, Cormier, Weidman, Belfort, Cerrone, Makdessi, Browne, Arlovski, Benevidez, Moraga, Dodson, and Makovsky. That is free and open to the public as are the open workouts.

And then lastly, that night on Thursday, we have the UFC 189 (Connor McGregor) media workout. That will take place at 4:30pm at the Ultimate Fighter Gym. That event is closed to the public.

We will see you guys next weekend. Don’t forget an all new episode of the Ultimate Fighter tonight and then this weekend it’s UFC Fight Morning, as Frankie Edgar takes on Urijah Faber 8am Easter. Talk to you guys then. Thanks for your time today.

Operator:  That concludes today’s call. Thank you everybody for joining.

UFC 187 LIVE on SONY SIX SD on Sunday, 24th May 2014 at 7:30 AM      

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