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Video: UFC 208 Breaking down Holly Holm vs Germaine de Randamie

Kobe's Korner
10 Feb 2017, 22:30 IST

Holm vs De Randamie

The main event scheduled for UFC 208 will feature two of the best strikers in mixed marital arts today. Former bantamweight champ, Holly Holm will face Dutch kickboxing sensation Germaine De Randamie. "World class" can be a term thrown around and over used in combat sports, but when it comes to striking, and speaking specifically about that facet of mixed martial arts, these two ladies truly stand on the shoulders of giants.

Both are accomplished and well respected multi-time world champions in each of their respective crafts. The "Iron lady" Germaine de Randamie has one Dutch title, three European titles and 10 world titles in Muay Thai. These illustrious awards came in three different weight classes from seven different organisations. She took part in 46 professional muay thai fights, remaining undefeated in that area of combat sports, and an impressive 30 of those wins coming by way of knockout.

Holly Holm sits as accomplished as her opponent. Winning a national kickboxing championship before turning pro, multiple world titles in boxing, and ranked number one in numerous organisations and at different times. In addition, she ranked number one in multiple weight classes – 140, 147 and 154.

She retired from boxing with a 33-2-3 record which included 9 KO's. ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ spent most of her career top of the woman's pound for pound list in professional boxing. She became the first woman to ever defeat Ronda Rousey as a professional mixed martial artist.

The story line to date 

Between 2011 and 2103, ‘The Iron Lady’ went 2-2 in her professional MMA career but since then, she has made vast improvements in her MMA game. It's one thing to be world-class in one area, but an altogether impressive feat to be considered world class in mixed martial arts. You can be world-class in one area, but you must be able to execute in all areas to win consistently at the highest level. When de Randamie faced Amanda Nunes, ‘The Lioness’ she showed no fear pushing forward early. Putting Germaine up against the fence, then working off the single.

After the take down was executed, securing mount and finishing de Randamie from top position. This is where de Randamie decided to go back to the drawing board, ultimately redefining her MMA game, and stepping out of professional mixed marital arts competition for two years to retool the machine. She fought once in 2015 and 2016 and she looked fantastic in both fights, scoring finishes via strikes.

Her much improved foot work for MMA, renewed patience on the entry and with precise execution in the attack, this was without a shadow of a doubt, "Germaine de Randamie 2.0". Bringing length, physical gifts, experience and toughness, and a true fighter's mentality that has been embraced at the highest level. A dynamic and dangerous competitor, but more importantly, a legitimate threat to Holm's title hopes at 145.

Holm is looking to rebound in a big way coming off two straight loses. It should be noted that since defeating Ronda Rousey, she has faced nothing but the best at 135. That comes with the territory of being a former world champion. In fact, it thrust her into super stardom but only she was unable to retain her world title.

Coming into the fight with Rousey, Holm had just two fights inside the UFC against middle of the road opponents. Rousey walked into the counter striker and Holly made her pay. More impressively, she stopped her then undefeated fighter from initiating the clinch – a place she reigned supreme. Holm looked like a world beater against Rousey, but unfortunately, Holm couldn't replicate the success she had against Rousey, in her first ever title defence.

Chocked unconscious once and decisively beaten in the other, neither Tate or Shevchenko moved forward, but instead forced her to come to them. ‘The Preacher's Daughter’ possesses some great blitzing attacks, but when limited to just those methods of attack, Holm hasn't looked as effective. While it is common knowledge that she solved the riddle that was Ronda Rousey, could the same be said about Holly Holm? Her last two opponents successfully took her most dangerous weapons away.

At 35 years of age, has father time already started to catch up with her? Holm is a still a very dangerous and talented fighter, who will look to stay above .500 with a victory at UFC 208. 

A champion will be crowned

With Cristiane “Cris” Justino out of competition for the foreseeable future, the stability of the woman's featherweight division remains unclear. Who will fill these spots and how will the promotion piece will be packaged? What we do know is that Holm has everything to gain and absolutely everything to lose.

A loss puts her at .500 in the UFC and loser of three straight. A win will make her a world champion for the second time. Rarely do we see such contrast created from the direct result of one fight. De Randamie, on the other hand becomes a world champion after defeating a couple middle of the road fighters in the bantamweight division.

Regardless, when the smokes clears up after UFC 208 we will have new woman's featherweight champion.

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