UFC 229: Scott Holtzman vs. Alan Patrick Fight Results - Scott Holtzman wins but breaks his hands

UFC 229: Holtzman v Patrick
UFC 229: Holtzman v Patrick
Modified 07 Oct 2018

What's the story?

In one of the most one sided fights of the night in UFC 229, Scott Holtzman took on Alan Patrick as he looked to pick up a really important victory for him.

While Holtzman did pick up the win at the end of the fight, the win came at a cost for the UFC fighter.

In case you didn't know...

Scott Holtzman and Alan Patrick are both connoisseurs of the longer fights. With hardly any of their fights coming to an end due to stoppages, both men were likely to be grinding their way to a decision on this occasion as well.

The fight was Holtzman's first fight since his new four-year contract with the company. Patrick has worked his way up the Lightweight Division. Going into this fight, a win would have meant a huge deal to either fighter.

The heart of the matter

After dominating Alan Patrick for most of the fight in their UFC fight, there did not seem to be anything but a win for Holtzman as the fight progressed. The 2nd round saw Holtzman let loose and hit Patrick with several hard shots which dropped Patrick to the ground.

The third round saw the end of Patrick, as he was not able to do anything to stop the conquest of Holtzman, as he bulldozed through Patrick. After dropping him with a counter punch, it was the devastating elbows by Scott Holtzman which saw the fighter get the all-important win.

Unfortunately for Holtzman, he revealed that he had broken both his hands in the post-fight interview.

What's next?

While getting a win at this stage would have meant a huge step up for Holtzman in the first of his 4-year contract with the UFC, he might not have the immediate opportunity he was looking for.

Instead, he will have to take time off to recover from his injuries. We at Sportskeeda wish Scott Holtzman a speedy recovery!

Published 07 Oct 2018
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