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UFC 24: What happened at the PPV with no main event?

Paul Benson
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UFC 24; the first UFC event of the new millennium, on March 10, 2000, was supposed to have been headlined by a bout between Kevin Randleman and Pedro Rizzo. However, Randleman fell and hit his head backstage while the event was still in progress and was declared not fit enough to compete. Therefore, the UFC 24 show did not have a true headline fight.

Jens Pulver made his first (televised) appearance for UFC versus David Velasquez. In a very impressive performance, Pulver landed some excellent shots inside the clinch. It was that game-plan which would eventually yield the victory for Pulver in the second round as unanswered left hands resulted in the award of a TKO victory.

Kevin Randleman adorned the UFC 24 poster but did not compete
Kevin Randleman adorned the UFC 24 poster but did not compete

Bob Cook choked out Tiki Ghosn in the second round. The early going was keenly fought but Ghosn gassed really badly and was a sitting duck for the rear naked choke in the second.

Dave Menne made his UFC debut versus Fabiano Iha in a lacklustre bout which got duller as it went on. Menne was by far the superior fighter but the vast majority of the fight took place on the ground with Iha pulling guard and not doing much else. Menne won a Unanimous Decision to get his UFC career rolling.

Ted Williams defeated Steve Judson via TKO. Williams ate a couple of big shots from Judson but then unloaded with a massive right hand and then a left which knocked Judson out. Very impressive performance from Williams.

Lance Gibson bested Jermaine Andre with a third-round KO. Gibson dropped Andre with a brutal knee to the face which knocked Andre out cold. That was lights out for Andre

That was UFC 24. Largely unmemorable and a forgotten show, due to the lack of a headline bout. Thankfully, the marquee main event of Tito Ortiz and Wanderlei Silva would save the day at UFC 25, the following month.

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