UFC Fight Night 137: Sao Paolo Results - Anders Vs. Santos, Full Card Results and Video Highlights

UFC Fight Night 137: Sao Paolo was one of the most underrated UFC cards in recent times. Given the changes that took place over and over again in the weeks leading to the UFC Fight Night event, this was understandable, but that was not the only reason for this card to be overlooked in the way that it was.

The UFC 229 fight card coming up on the 6th of October, drew a lot of attention away, as the audience was hyped for it given what happened in the leadup to the fight. The Dolly incident brought a lot of attention to it by itself, add to that the fact that the fight is between unbeaten Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor, and it's natural that the fans are hyped about the fight.

UFC Fight Night 137 did not disappoint, and lived up to way beyond expectations, with an excellent preliminary card showing. On the main event of the night, after a lot of changes, Teixeira vs. Manuwa was completely changed up, with Eryk Anders and Thiago Santos replacing them for the headline fight.

Before we get into the main card, however, take a look at what happened on the Preliminary Card. For more details about the Preliminary Round Results, click HERE.

Early Prelims:

  1. Livinha Souza defeated Alex Chambers via Submission (Guillotine Choke, 1st Round, 1 Minute and 21 Seconds)
  2. Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos defeated Luigi Vendramini via Knockout (2nd Round, 1 Minute and 20 Seconds)
  3. Thales Leites defeated Hector Lombard via Unanimous Decision (29-28)
  4. Mayra Bueno Silva defeated Gillian Robertson via Submission (Armbar, 1st Round, 4 minute and 55 seconds.
  5. Result: Sergio Moraes defeated Ben Saunders via Submission (Arm Triangle Choke, 2nd Round, 4 Minutes and 42 Seconds).


  1. Augusto Sakai defeated Chase Sherman via TKO (3rd Round, 4 Minutes and 3 Seconds)
  2. Ryann Spann defeated Luis Henrique via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
  3. Francisco Trinaldo defeated Evan Dunham via KO (2nd Round, 4 Minutes and 10 Seconds)
  4. Charles Oliveira defeated Christos Giagos via Submission (Rear Naked Choke, 2nd Round, 3 Minutes and 22 Seconds)

Without any further ado, let's get into the results from the main card of UFC Fight Night 137: Sao Paolo - Anders vs. Santos

#1. Marina Rodriguez vs. Randa Markos:

UFC Fight Night: Randa Markos v Juliana Lima
UFC Fight Night: Randa Markos v Juliana Lima

With the inconsistent Rando Markos taking on newcomer, Marina Rodriguez, Markos will have to try to make sure that she stops another debutant coming out as the winner in their very first fight. Markos has not had the best record thus far, and will need to do well to break her bad run in the UFC so far.

Round 1: Randa Markos was out to prove a point in the first fight of the main card. She started it off fast with a couple of first shots, and then took Marina down. Markos stayed on top of her, grounding her for most of the first round. Markos kept up the offence with punches, while Rodriguez was still unable to get to her feet. That first round definitely went to Markos.

Round 2: Marina Rodriguez started off the second round stronger. She had some low kicks for Markos, as it became obvious that she needed to stay away from Markos and any chance of her being dropped. Rodriguez did not look too bad, although both fighters were obviously gassed coming out of the 1st round. Marina Rodriguez finished the 2nd round strong, and left the last round open for either fighter to grab the win.

Round 3: Markos started off strong in the third round, pinning Marina against the cage after a combination. Rodriguez landed a couple of good strikes early on in the round, and looked to take advantage. Markos looked good but Marina was the one with the advantage, until the UFC veteran got a takedown. Markos pinned Rodriguez down, and if that control continued there, did not seem to be any other conclusion to the figjht other than a Markos win. Marina got up but despite being able to get to her feet could not see, to mount much of an offence.

The result left everyone disappointed as it was given a majority draw.

Result: Randa Markos and Marina Rodriguez got a majority draw (29-28, 28-28, 28-28)

#2. Renan Barao vs. Andre Ewell:

UFC 214 Aljamain Sterling vs. Renan Barao
UFC 214 Aljamain Sterling vs. Renan Barao

Renan Barao was set to take on UFC novice Andre Ewell in a fight that would see the former Champion look to gain momentum and break out again in the UFC scene. The two fighters had a big fight ahead of them, as one looked to prove that they still had it, while other looked to prove that UFC had a big fighter by having signed him.

Round 1: Andre Ewell started off first as a blow from him landed Barao on his back. Ewell followed through and hit Barao, but it was Barao's experience that came into play here. After the first flurry by Ewell though, Barao seemed to have the advantage. Later into the round, Barao cinched in the armbar, which Ewell was able to escape after much trouble.

Round 2: Round 2 was a slow one, with both fighters winded. They tested each other out, but neither man was really able to take advantage.

Round 3: Ewell looked pretty timid in the 3rd round as well, more intent with backing out. But Ewell got a few shots in on Barao. Ewell caught Barao with a kick and a punch. Barao looked unable to actually get his defence or offence in. Ewell looked the better of the two throughout.

Result: Andre Ewell defeated Renan Barao via Split Decision (29-18, 28-29, 29-28)

#3. Sam Alvey vs. Rogerio Nogueira:

UFC Fight Night: Shevchenko v Pena
UFC Fight Night: Shevchenko v Pena

Nogueira is finally coming back to the UFC after a long time. His return to the UFC Octagon could be a triumphant one, or one where he continued his less than impressive UFC career, with one man in a position to make a difference, Sam Alvey.

Round 1: Alvey, famous for his one punch knockout, started the fight by checking out Nogueira. Both men kept their defences up, and tried to make sure that the other would not be able to take advantage. Alvey connected with a punch and an inside kick, with neither actually hurting Nogueira overly. Nogueira came back with a couple of hard punches on Alvey and suddenly things looked a bit different. Alvey swung for a blow, but missed. Alvey's heavy lefts opened up Nogueira, and the fight went into round 2.

Round 2: Alvey started the second round with a couple of inside kicks, but Nogueira came out swinging. A couple caught Alvey, and he was wobbly. Nogueira made his comeback worth it, as he caught Alvey with more than a couple of blows, and that was it. Alvey went down, and the referee called it.

Result: Rogerio Nogueira defeated Sam Alvey via KO (2nd Round, 1 Minute and 2 Seconds)

#4. Alex Oliveira vs. Carlo Pedersoli Jr:

UFC 218: Oliveira v Medeiros
UFC 218: Oliveira v Medeiros

The co-headliner of the night saw Alex Oliveira face Carlo Pedersoli. Oliveira looked to put a stop to Pedersoli's run in the UFC early on. With such a fight co-main eventing the night, the card was looking good, especially with the results of the night so far.

With nothing being left out, every sort of decision and finish possible to a fight had already been made, when the penultimate fight came around.

Round 1: The fight was not destined to last long. 'Cowboy' Oliveira made sure to take out Carlo Pedersoli with a big shot, as he won the fight with a KO. He caught the foot of Pedersoli, and then hit him with a short right hand, before going for the short ground and pound to pick up the win.

Just like that, Pedersoli's win streak came to a crashing end.

Result: Alex 'Cowboy' Oliveira defeated Carlo Pedersoli via KO (1st Round, 29 seconds)

#5. Eryk Anders vs. Thiago 'Marreta' Santos:

The changes made to the headliner of UFC Fight Night 137 saw the two original fighters both replaced due to unforunate circumstances. Whereas Glover Teixeira had to pull out earlier due to an injury, the replacement of Thiago Santos was one which no one had seen coming. What was even more unexpected was that with one week to go for the fight, somehow, Manuwa was also injured while training, and he had to be replaced by Eryk Anders. The two fighters had a lot to live up to, coming into the fight as replacements for the headliner.

Round 1: Eryk Anders and Thiago Santos checked ecah other in the first round. Anders went for the takedown. The two threw each other around as they clinched against the fence. Santos was on the retreat as Anders continued to clinch with him. Santos came back with some knees and kicks to Anders.The two went back and forth, as Anders blocked the shots that kept on coming at him. Santos found himself working the entire time to stay on his feet, while Anders had to avoid the powershots from Santos.

Round 2: Anders and Santos went at each other in the 2nd round, with Santos getting the advantage, while Anders tried to get the fight on the ground. Once on the ground, Santos was the one wo was better with some ground and pound offence. Back on their feet, both guys landed some blows on the other's face. Santos hit a couple of big elbows and Anders had to run away from Santos. Anders reversed Santos in the last few moments, stopping him from getting knocked out. Anders took down Santos as the round came to an end.

Round 3: Thiago Santos looked to go for Anders early on, but was grounded instead as Anders went after him with a Ground and Pound. Anders hooked in Santos from behind, and looked to get a Rear Naked Choke. Santos got back to his feet and Anders had to back off. Santos knocked Anders with some big left hands, Anders got one back, and he had to lock up with Santos to avoid the KO. Anders tried to cinch in a takedown again, and got it as Thiago Santos tried to get up again. Santos fired some knees, and with 20 seconds to go, Anders seemed almost out. Santos finished with elbows, as Anders could hardly walk at the end of the round.

He fell down and could not continue. That was it. Anders was unable to get back to his corner and Thiago Santos picked up the win.

Result: Thiago Santos defeated Eryk Anders via TKO (3rd Round, 5 minutes)

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